[before_listing id=0 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/3714445ac6984ffacf07abe91f064b52.jpg youtube=null] I live in New Jersey. I would like to move within the next three months, possibly earlier.

Hi, I don’t like publicizing my actual name on the net, but I am foremost, a follower of YHWH. I would like to meet like minded people, and possibly go off grid soon. Somewhere in the NM area, or even Colorado, looks attractive. I know people make references to their race. I do not believe in race, but I am classified as Hispanic-American by the U.S. racial system of human categorization that is imposed upon me. Just a simple guy, that would like to live in peace, somewhere out in nature. I have a few resources, but possibly not enough to make it happen by myself. Looking for a
no-nonsense person, or persons that might want to give it a go, and have a
peaceful homestead. I like reading the scriptures, and reading , in general,
the layed-back type.

My attitude is that of a sort of monk, so I may be rather boring to some. I enjoy a certain amount of solitude, but can be very social. I enjoy throwing ball with my dog too. I do not like selfish people. Sorry, but that’s the truth, or people that think they are very wise, in their own estimation. I
like “humility,” or down-to-earthness. I am 49, but have the heart of a teen-ager. I know about health science, and the scriptures.

I can be reached by email at romans213@gmx.com[landbuddy_listing id=0 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/3714445ac6984ffacf07abe91f064b52.jpg youtube=null]

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16 Responses to “OFF GRID BEFORE WW3”

  1. Edward

    Get an RV, Go camping, and don’t get killed.

  2. RT

    For those of you who are living on off grid property thinking that you’re safe and living on self-sustainability. You may be safe from the Dregs of society. But, you’re not safe from the System. The County in which you reside will have a record of your property and 911 address listed in their database as a property owner. You need to read the Agenda 21 program and what that plan is. In the long term, Agenda 21 is to remove everyone from suburban and rural areas and herd everyone into metroplex hubs and house people into Pack ‘em and Stack ‘em 500 to 800 square foot units so the System will have total control on people and their movement. When round up time comes, DHS thugs will conduct raids on property owners and people will be loaded up on buses at gun point and taken to the metro hubs. You need to go to remote locations to completely be off grid from the System with no trace to your whereabouts.

  3. RT

    Isn’t buying land kinda risky with the Agenda 21 expanding across the Country. It has spread to parts of Texas and my property tax was increased from $154.00 a year to $751.00 during 2012-2013. I have no building on the property. I’m struggling just to pay the higher property tax. I was told by a realtor that the tax increase is to take over people’s property who can’t afford to pay the higher tax.

  4. Brother Randy

    Hello, I’m a Ordained Non-Denominational Messianic Follower of the way. I Pray the Seven Holy Hours, Reading from the book of psalms 7 times a day. And read the Old and new Testament three times a day, plus morning and evening prayers. And devoted my life to serving God. I have given up my positions of property, keeping only what I feel necessary in order to survive. I have done Weddings. I am seeking a small piece of land to live on. Preferably private, wooded to use for heat and cooking and fresh water, yet some what close to town for supplies. I have no income but can offer my services in exchange. ” Website http://followeroftheway.webs.com ” Plus I will be applying for early pension on Nov. of 2014, so that will help. Elohim (God) bless. Devoting my life to prayer and Worship of yahweh, yeshua and ruach hakodesh.
    Brother Randy
    Looking to live off Grid, If anyone knows of a location, anywhere please let me know.

  5. john

    Looking to go off grid as soon as possible, I just been having to much bad luck back home…its very violent over in east Texas, I want to go off the grid asap I am currently on the road as we speak with all my belongings and a limited supply of finances but I’m a hard worker and a fast learner and I want to help build a self-sustainable community..so hit me up if your interested, sooner the better…if you wait too long I might end up somewhere and settled in or homeless lol my number is 505-918-8731

  6. Liz

    Hi — We have 20 acres with a Earthship foundation, in central NM. It has a power line. It needs a well or you can haul water. We could lease to own. We were wanting to build a spiritual retreat/heritage- but I’ve found my right livelihood so I need to be near town.

  7. John

    I live in south central Colorado outside of Westcliffe. It’s one of the last undeveloped areas of Colorado in a high mountain valley setting. That said, work out here is pretty spotty. Land is relatively cheaper with tracts of 35 acres going for under $20,000 with no utilities, so you would need to drill a well. Taxes are very reasonable if you have a dwelling and an agricultural exemption…a few hundred dollars a year.

    I am totally off-grid and have been that way for the past four years. If you are coming from a highly developed area, be prepared for some culture shock, but I love this place. I too am a follower of YHWH and He has called me to this place, because even here, people need to hear the “truth in love”. There are many out here involved in New Age and completely lost in nature so there are struggles here as well.

    A couple of guys mentioned the altitude and the issue of water which are real issues here. However, I manage to have a garden each year and raise altitude appropriate (cool weather) plants. With some planning, you can raise most everything. There are many like minded people out here in this area who are looking for sustainable ways of living. People here have a pioneer spirit and you help your neighbors. We also have some Amish families moving here as well.

    Depending on if you have a well or not, and what type of well permit you have, you can now catch water and snow melt from your dwelling. Also, there are people that will deliver water to you for a price. This is a somewhat dry and arid location so water is very important. Colorado wildlife is plentiful, but hunting retrictions are plentiful as well, though you can make it work. We have a reasonable sheriff in this area and are mostly overlooked at this time by our increasingly intrusive government, but that can and probably will change soon.

    If I can be of assistance to you, please let me know.
    Blessings to you from our Lord Jesus Christ.

  8. alan

    Hi Eliyah. This is July and your post was in March. Have you made the move to Chama yet? I live in Denver have been to Chama a number of times and think of it as a reasonable place to relocate to for all the obvious reasons. The area has many more plus virtures than negatives ones. I have considered the area as one of my bug out locations from Denver when the time comes. Let’s converse.

  9. Daniel D.

    I looked back at my comment and forgot to say that the lawsuits were never over any crimes. Im proud to say Iv never been in trouble with the law. Thanks!

  10. Daniel D.

    I am very similar to you, Im quite content with myself, love to be secluded. The life I live now is miserable because of greedy busieness men and their lawsuits got me as soon as i turned 18. Now cleared of all the debt they put me in, I want to go OTG so it can never happen again. Livin a simple life without all of the pointless paperwork and greed of others would litterally be heaven on earth for me. Along with dedication, I have many many skills. I am a carpenter by trade and have the know how to build anything and everything. Iv held jobs for the past 12 years in electrical, lanscaping, large scale constructon, and can do anything with an axe and chainsaw in my hands. Will be more that willing to help you accomplish whatever you need. Please email me if interested. Thanks!

  11. Baja

    Great info. Baja. Thanks.

  12. Baja

    I lived in Colorado for over 10 years and it’s a beautiful place. There are challenges to building there though, and they might not be apparent if you don’t know the lay of the land, so to speak. The biggest, most significant problem is water. Wells may not be viable for either practical (depth and the energy required to pump) or legal (water rights) reasons. Rainwater cannot be captured except under a very strict set of guidelines. Note that as recently as just a couple of years ago, rainwater could not be captured legally for any reason. Laws have a tendency to change and Colorado’s water interests are very powerful and politically connected. There’s also the issue of weather, particularly in the mountains. People who haven’t lived at elevation discover that winter lasts a lot longer the higher you go. This is an abstract concept until you’re there. Southern exposure is absolutely critical if you are in a mountain setting. Steep northern slopes may very well hold snow well into what would be considered summer in other parts of the country. I’m not trying to discourage you. I love Colorado. That said, I’d hate for you to buy your dream parcel and discover that it’s not buildable. Good luck with your plans.

  13. Eliyah

    I’m in Union. Big Brother’s surveillance center (no just kidding).
    Pretty soon Big Brother will be like the Catholic Inquisition. They will tell you what you can , and cannot do, in every infinitesimal aspect o your lives.

  14. shenguorui

    What part of Jersey are you in? I’m In South Orange

  15. Eliyah

    That’s awesome data Nick, and highly appreciated. Thank you.

  16. Nick

    Perhaps you might be interested in some input from someone who is familiar with the area, to narrow down your choices since the geographical region you’re interested in is vast. Utah and Northern/Western Arizona would also meet your needs by the way, if you find cheap land.

    Western Colorado is very pretty, and the Montrose to Durango area would meet your needs, with access to farmland, orchards and hunting grounds as well as being relatively isolated – you’re about two hundred miles from the large cities of Denver, Santa Fe & Albuquerque.

    Northern New Mexico( Farmington to Chama area, Espanola/Santa Cruz ) would also give you relative isolation, access to farmland & hunting, as would the small towns in western New Mexico, which surround the Gila National Forest: Aragon, Reserve, Pinos Altos, as well as the area right across the border, in Arizona and the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The Eastern part of New Mexico, around Logan, might also be suitable, since you’ll find both farming & good hunting.