[before_listing id=0 images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/3714445ac6984ffacf07abe91f064b52.jpg youtube=null] I live in New Jersey. I would like to move within the next three months, possibly earlier.

Hi, I don’t like publicizing my actual name on the net, but I am foremost, a follower of YHWH. I would like to meet like minded people, and possibly go off grid soon. Somewhere in the NM area, or even Colorado, looks attractive. I know people make references to their race. I do not believe in race, but I am classified as Hispanic-American by the U.S. racial system of human categorization that is imposed upon me. Just a simple guy, that would like to live in peace, somewhere out in nature. I have a few resources, but possibly not enough to make it happen by myself. Looking for a
no-nonsense person, or persons that might want to give it a go, and have a
peaceful homestead. I like reading the scriptures, and reading , in general,
the layed-back type.

My attitude is that of a sort of monk, so I may be rather boring to some. I enjoy a certain amount of solitude, but can be very social. I enjoy throwing ball with my dog too. I do not like selfish people. Sorry, but that’s the truth, or people that think they are very wise, in their own estimation. I
like “humility,” or down-to-earthness. I am 49, but have the heart of a teen-ager. I know about health science, and the scriptures.

I can be reached by email at romans213@gmx.com[landbuddy_listing id=0 images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/3714445ac6984ffacf07abe91f064b52.jpg youtube=null]

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