I am a 37 year old Australian living in a remote part of the Brazilian
Amazon with my 5 year old son. We are looking for like minded people
to form an off the grid style community.

My main reason for going ‘off the grid’ is quite simply to live closer
to nature, and I’d prefer to do this with others instead of going it

I realize the Amazon would be a huge step for many people, so my idea
is flexible; I’m planning on offering a caretaker type service for the
dwellings of those not wanting to live here permanently (visas to
brazil are up to six months per year for most tourists)

That way people can come and test the idea of living here, without
making too much of a financial outlay. Land in the Amazon jungle is
claimable, even by foreigners, so there would be no need to purchase
the plot you want to build on. You will however (if you choose to
pursue it) eventually be able to apply to the government for full
rights to the plot you have built on (I realise to most westerners
this concept is quite foreign, but keep in mind that the majority of
people living here in the Amazon jungle have claimed rights to their
land in this manner; simply by building their house on it) and apply
for the permanent resident visa to live here permanently as I have

The land I have chosen is fairly accessible from a nearby township,
yet still hidden enough away not to be frequented by the locals. It
has a nice 3m waterfall (still unnamed), with plenty of monkeys,
birds, otters and lots of fish in the river (for self sufficiency).

Most of the land in this region is classified as Indigenous territory,
protecting it from development / logging etc.

If anyone is interested for more information, please contact me at
an.axle.red@gmail.com .

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