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Brewer Randy Rowe says the hard work is worth the isolation on the lake. Photo from CBC
Brewer Randy Rowe says hard work is worth the isolation



Off-Grid Ale’s owners Randy and Denise Rowe have lived in a solar-powered home on Harvey Lake in New Brunswick, Canada for seven years.  Now they’re opening an off-grid brewery on their isolated, idyllic land.


The off-grid brewery is located on Lake Harvey
The off-grid brewery is located on Lake Harvey

Although their home is powered by renewable energy, Randy confessed that the workplace “wasn’t necessarily to be off-grid.” But with the nearest power lines kilometers away and a real pull to the area, it worked out like that. “We didn’t have a grid here, but we really liked the location.”The brewery will depend on solar and wind power to operate.


To ensure consistency in their brews, Off Grid Ales relies on a propane system for heating. “You can’t produce a lot of electricity without spending a lot of money so basically, we have to do everything very energy-efficiently,” said Randy.


The couple plans on having four different beers including a red, a double IPA and should be out on store shelves in Canada this fall.

The couple had always dreamed of building a brewery branch on their little slice of heaven; “We love it out here” said Denise Rowe. “It is quiet. It is peaceful. I go for runs on our five-kilometre driveway. “

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