Service-to-other oriented, looking for the same, for an off-grid 5 acre project.  Like minded people only!  No statists, pedos, service to self entities, or nut-jobs (including SJWs).

I purchased 5 acres in 2011 of solid bush.  Since then I have cleared the land, built a driveway and yard site, garden areas, horse pasture, and installed a cistern.  I have also built a cabin which is not yet complete.

The property is 1km from the 7th largest lake in BC, and only 2 hours from prime guide-outfitter territory.  So far I have done almost everything myself, and I am getting burnt out. 

I have a new band-saw mill here, and have saved all the logs from clearing.  Many of them have been sitting to long and are only suitable for firewood now, but there are yet many good, solid logs to be milled.  There is room here for multiple dwellings, and no building permits are required here. 

Interested parties my contact me via email at  Send a brief bio, some pictures, why you would want to move out here, and what you expect in return. 


Monty Jones.

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2 Responses to “Off-grid 5 acres well underway, looking for s.t.o. like minded partners!”

  1. littlea7


    You seem to have everything put together and I am extremely inspired. I am currently attending UBC Vancouver and have been brought up in a very academic and corporate setting. I have always prided myself in the passion of learning. However, I feel as though I have misdirected my learning. I feel as though I belong away from the corporate world and would be much happier contributing to a much quieter and simpler life. I am currently looking for a mentor who can teach me the skills required to live that sort of life and with those skills, be able to offer whatever services I can. If you are interested, please email me at

    • European Canadian

      I came across your listing and wanted to reach out to you because I am considering going off-grid in 2019. I am doing this because I am no longer confident in our government and would like to move towards my own form of government representation and self-sufficiency.

      I consider myself a service-to-others oriented individual. I am a young, european-canadian male. I have no debt, no criminal record, and a background in agriculture, politics, and financial technology.

      I would be interested in learning more about your initiative to see if it is a good fit for me. I am also looking to learn more about to legal requirements of your project, building permits, squatting on crown land, etc. Thank you.