We are off grid, self sufficient, lands paid and really don’t “need” neighbors however…

As the old saying goes there is safety in numbers.

We are in Northern Desert. We are not far from Moriarty (approx 7 miles).

We are 50 miles from Albuquerque.

We do hunt, there is a shooting range behind us where gun trainers teach concealed classes and have some off grid neighbors nearby.

We simply seek company, a helping hand now and then with larger jobs and knowing there is someone here when we rarely go into town.

We have 4 dogs that keep the coyotes away, the ground is scraped to keep rattlers at a distance and have abundant Antelope and Rabbit.

We enjoy a beer now and then but will send you packing if your a doper or drunk.

I have no issue with 420 people but if you live for it find a commune somewhere.

I managed 3 intentional communities over the years and started one before we went on our own.

I have met the crazies, ousted the loafers and heard all the stories you can imagine.

I don’t tolerate bull, lying, games or full time users and loafers.

You need a self contained travel trailer, some kind of income to feed yourself and preferably solar or a small generator until you implement solar or wind.

There are jobs nearby if you want to work, there are local resources if you need temporary assistance but YOU need transportation and the ability to fend for yourself.

We are not opposed to helping but will not carry you, transport you or provide for you.

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Ideally you would be a couple but will consider single after corresponding and making sure we are on the same page.

We are what we describe as hickabillies. We are not prejudice to “anyone” including lgbt couples, plural marriage or race.

We are spiritual to Yeshua \ Pahana but not bible thumpers.

Our philosophy is live and let live. Live, Laugh and Love.

We are hardened by past attempted abusers so if you fit that description find another place to go.

I have 30+ years experience and will teach noobies but you must be willing, have common sense, a functioning brain, be considerate and have some basic tools.

Email me at tiefork@gmail.com for more information.

Don’t just ask questions… Send me something about who you are and what you expect if you want a reply.


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3 Responses to “Hickabillies – Off Grid 3 Years. Looking for kindred spirits”

  1. Dr Robert Vernon

    I am looking for a person like you to assist me in setting up a new acquired land parcel just north of I25 near Santa Rosa New Mexico. I have structures on site but need some fine tuning and a pond, trees and grasses for animals. Good soil for growing etc. large enough for 7 families yet still private for each. If interested in helping me set up a leasing program for off grid families please contact me at forever_vn at yahoo dot com and we can chat more. Long term and short term leases can be arranged for the right individuals.

  2. Donna Bliss

    My husband and I are looking to go off grid but would prefer a community or others for company and support. We are tired of the rat race. Neither of us is afraid of hard work and would love to learn the off-grid way of life. We have our own money and vehicle. Just need the land and/or community to make our dream a reality.

  3. James Ryan Petrovicz

    Hey I’m a jack of all trades’ I’ve gone off grid myself for 3 years total. I live in Canada Ontario, I went off grid in Sudbury Ontario for 3 years, 2 winters. I left before the 3rd winter started. I fished and hunted to maintain a good living. No gun licence just used a bow or cross bow. Along with growing my own vegetables. Ranging from tomatoes, potatoes corn basil mint cucumbers beans etc. I have a green thumb. All I need are tasks. I have strong cummincation skills. And I’m willing to learn new things! Shoot me a email if you’d like to know more of what I’m capable of!