[before_listing id=443 images= youtube=null] just finished cabin on exterior. Working on the inside now. Have a friend 4km from me he has been off grid for a couple of years now he is 75 years old and gets along fine.[landbuddy_listing id=443 youtube=null]

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5 Responses to “northern person”

  1. damon44

    i would even know where to begin a life like this i want to go into the wilderness and live simply this life of doing nothing in a small house all day while wait for my next shift to start will kill me sooner or later id like a place where money is optional where i can spend a lot and then never have to even think about money again. however i know theres a lot of people that dont want me to do this for tax reasons and health and safety but being in a stable job with an income and place to stay means nothing to me if my mental well being is at risk of dying. how would you even begin a life like this?

  2. Wakethefup

    So you say “keeping you honest”? Did the government create that land for you? You’re just beying your masters, there should be zero issues with disappearing into the wilderness and building a cabin wherever you please. There actually wasn’t, up until the last 100 years when evil men realized they could control us like cattle, and that every man should pay. This has also happened throughout history, but for some reason this day and age is the only time people don’t seem to mind being slaves.

  3. northern person

    a lease is 150 meters square. In saying this you dont have neighbors very close. Our neighbor is 4 km away. You can build your cabin add a greenhouse, workshop/fire wood storage or green house. You are responsible for moving snow and keeping your lane open. You can however pay highways a fee to do it for you. There is abundance of fire wood and you can also sell some. This is very private as you dont see it from the highway. We have woodland caribou , moose, you can have chickens if you like. We will have jobs within 15 kilometers. No power bill , heating, water , or taxes. Just a bit of propane for showers and cooking. When is 40 below ther is nothing like coming back to the cabin for home made bread, beans , etc. Great place for a couple of norwigian elkhounds. Peace and quite.

  4. northern person

    we dont own the land we lease it from the goverment and we have no issues with this. They set out the rules and do inspections keeping us honest.

  5. ssmcivilian

    the only problem with owning land is that the government will know where you are.