This is my heart-stoppingly beautiful mountainous woodland near the ancient village of Deia.

Word has spread amongst walkers who come to the mountain from around the world, but they rarely pass the front door of this 6 acre mixture of pine and olive plantations.

Its remote – 700M above sea level – a 20 minute drive from the main road – and there is enough water, several buildings and several neighbours, all local farmers.

We have a lot of fun up here, and there is plenty of work to be done – and the opportunity to join me and help out on the land in return for a place to stay and space to exist quietly.

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9 Responses to “Off-Grid Community – North-West Majorca”

  1. Diego

    Hello Nick,

    Been following this site on and off for a while now.
    Its been my dream to get off-grid for too long.
    Working towards saving for a motorhome and enough cash to buy something somewhere.

    Would love to drop by sometime. It sounds great. Have you got any pictures of your finca in Majorca?

    Kind Regards,

  2. RJ

    Hi Nick, I was just on Majorca 2 weeks ago and drove past your place but didn’t know it which is too bad. i just saw the add, is it still valid? still want people to help you? if so, send me an email plz and we’ll connect. Ciao RJ

  3. Tiana

    Hi there! I’m interested in exploring more about going off the grid, and looking for somewhere within the Mediterranean area. I want to see if it would be the kind of life for me. Are you interested in receiving help this summer? Please send me an email if so! ^_^ Thanks!

  4. SamB

    Hey Nick, I am looking to go off-grid in the Balearics and would love to come and have a look at your area. I am an experienced builder and dedicated to the ecological route, now looking for a suitable plot and like-minded people. Very keen to lend a hand and explore any oppurtunities around Deia. Thanks.

  5. Andos

    Hi Nick,Iwould love to come over to help with work. please email me with any details and i will be there asap.

  6. freesouldesigns

    Hi Nick, are you still looking for people to help? I am very interested if so!

  7. j marden

    could you tell me more about your project in Deia? and perhaps a contact email address so we can discuss more??

  8. Nick Rosen

    Is that Ollie who played with Kevin Ayers in the Pam Boli band?

    Sorry to hear about your permission problems, Can I park my camper van there for a few days? Are you able to set up an “office” to manage your agricultural activites. Or get an EU grant for a “food processing barn”

  9. davido

    Would love to visit sometime. I have a friend who has just moved to near Palma. Deja was also the home of my only hero in my life and his ashes and memorial are down on the beach. Ollie Halsall. i play Spanish guitar. Click on downloads on my website to hear for free!
    At present we have 12.5 acres on Dartmoor but no permission to build after many years of trying. we grow, have animals, cut wood etc all with hand tools. I know that temporary buildings are permisable under Spanish planning. What is your situation. Building in pic does not look temporary!!