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Looking to connect with others in the Piedmont area of N.C. (that’s north central of the state)


I have a half acre in town but I get a lot out of this little homestead. I have two Nubian does, due to kidd in Dec. Seven giant Pekin ducks, half dozen assorted chickens, four cats and an ever changing number of bunnies who live free in and out of the yard. I am 62 this week. I have many sustainable living skills. I bought this place a little over 4 years ago. I now have an excellent permaculture process  between my animals and my farming. There is still so much more to be done.


I have been asked many times in the last 2 years to teach what I know. I am now ready to do that. Canning, the art of growing, herbs, cheese making, permaculture, raising poultry and goats and how to create a sustainable lifestyle are some of the skills I have to offer. The fee structure will be money, money and labor, just labor or barter.


What I don’t have is help. Not a good day when I had to come to terms with the fact that I can no longer stack a 5 gal. bucket of rice above my head! So now I use 3 1/2 gal. buckets. I’m learning to compromise… not something I do well. There are some things it simply takes more hands to do. I’m looking to connect with others in the area to form a goods/labor/knowledge exchange.  Neighbors coming together to aid each other with projects. Want to have a network to share free and cheap resources such as up-cycled food grade buckets, building supplies, seed and plant exchange or where to buy amazing milk for cheese and yogurt. I have an abundance of bamboo seedlings. They make a wonderful wind break for a pasture, the goats ignore it in the warm months but are dam happy to have fresh fodder in the winter. I’m looking for elderberries. I have many Mulberry saplings. The birds plant them for me every year. The goats love them the ducks are crazy for the berries and they make wonderful jam and wine when the tree gets bigger. What have you got to trade?


This week I bought myself a gift… a 30′ x 48′ steel greenhouse frame. Not something my daughter and I can put up ourselves. I’m sure there are others in the area who could use a hand say fencing in a goat pen, digging a root cellar or building a cob oven. We could get together for a pot luck every two months to exchange ideas and help plan each others projects. I have a web site I could post the information on for free.


I’m 26 miles south of Danville, VA and 26 miles north of Greensboro, NC. If you are grid free, grid light or stuck in an apartment trying to find a way out let’s start talking.


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2 Responses to “North Carolina Networking Piedmont area”

  1. TeAnna Kennedy

    Is this the Dovely who contacted Mimi on Craigslist looking for a goose? If so please contact me (either here or I’m easy to find on facebook), not sure I was given the correct phone number. I have a goose who just lost her mate, thank you!

  2. mike

    stumbled across this
    actually I’m in Clarksville Va, maybe an hour and a half
    also my friend sandra has a struggling intentional community northeast of danville, an 84 acre farm where she has donkeys, rabbits, poultry, herbs, couple cabins…was an actual commune a few years ago but people drifted away slowly…restarting

    so two different potential friends here

    what town are you near?? Sandra has one 29 year old off-gridder guy there now but he has limited skills…I have a small 3/4 acre in town little homestead wanna-be…but nice

    bamboo is an interesting CROP….didn’t Virginia explore that to offer assistance to farmers to start growing it for profit?? I know the Floyd Hotel in the Blue Ridge has BAMBOO floors and they are soft to bare feet but strong

    sandra has had RVers boondocking there in the past too