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I’ll go ahead and say I don’t know much about this whole “off the grid” living stuff, but as far as I can see, it’s fairly close to what I’m looking to do. My ideals aren’t probably going to align with anyone reading this, but I figured it’d be worth a shot. I’m also not sure how to really organize this post’s parts, but I’ll try my best to put things in a manageable order.
First of all, if you’re not non-binary, save yourself some time and stop reading this. I’m slightly open to transgender people as well, but my philosophy is going to more suit non-binaries (agenders in particular). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just close this post.
Although not exactly, I’ve associated with being agender, asexual, and aromantic for around 4 years now. I much prefer being called “human” and nothing more. I find all these… labels society made up to be nothing but rude and degrading. Everything from race, gender, sexual orientation, physical age, beauty ideals, and everything in between. It sickens me to the point where I rarely go out anymore, and I deleted all my social media and whatnot months ago.
I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 12 years now. I’m sure that’s one of the worst conditions to have when living away from society, but I want to give it a go nonetheless. I’ve been attached to an insulin pump for about 8 of those years, and it’s constantly a pain in my ass. I have permanent scarring on my arms and thighs from the sites. A lot of the time, my sites don’t work correctly, resulting in high blood sugars and immense frustration. I’ve tried going back to shots of insulin, but it was just as much of a pain (if not worse) to keep my sugars under control. 
I’ve never really had support from either friends or family. My entire family has always been a lazy, bigoted, dumbass sort whom I’ve hated nearly my whole life. Friends weren’t easy to come by; they always left me for some reason or another, usually without a word. I did, however, have a wonderful online best friend for a while. They were the best thing that’s ever happened to me. But that’s an entire novel in itself, and I don’t wish to tell it here.
At the time of writing this, I’ve been alive for 20 years and 1 month. I never learned to drive; I was too scared at first to bother, and my mother never pushed me to try. And now, I’m not scared anymore, just pissed I can’t be who I am and get a driver’s license. I’ve only had one job, and that barely lasted more than a couple months. I couldn’t deal with the constant mis-gendering and dead name calling, so I up and quit. I only have a little over $800, and no intention to get anymore, so I’m sure that’ll play a part in this.
A few, more unnecessary, things about me: I used to do quite a few art things. Drawing, writing, and photography were my main hobbies. I haven’t bothered with any of those for months, or years, in the case of writing. Even though I feel like it’s slowly disappearing, music still holds a place in my heart. Rock and metal genres are my usual go-tos, but I’ll listen to just about anything. Most of the clothes I own are black. I don’t think I’ve ever quite fit into any particular alternative scene, but I suppose punk would be the best one fit.
Going onto where I’d like to live, I’ve always had a deep fascination with mountains, forests, and cold weather. I’d love to go to a country like Norway or Iceland, but I just haven’t the money or willpower to get a passport. Recently, I’ve been looking at Alaska and Washington, but I’m open to pretty much any U.S. state that has chilly forested areas. I’m currently stuck in a nasty, redneck town of Virginia. In a horridly disgusting house my mom refuses to keep clean, for that matter.
I’ve had this… idea of creating a new society for a while now. Although at first, it was only a mere thought for a fictional tale. As time went on, it got more apparent I really wanted to live this way. But without anyone to talk to about such matters, and unable to find anyone willing to listen, I’ve kind of pushed the thought away. I know it’s most likely near impossible to raise a new, private country in this day and age. But if I could even get one person to help me out, at least the two of us could live happily.
I created a document highlighting some aspects of this society. I know there’s bits and pieces missing and some parts might not make a lot of sense. (Note that this was a story idea at first, and that story involved an apocalypse in the beginning.) But in any case, I’ll try to list what I wanted out of it:
* No living thing is above another. There is no discrimination against gender, sexual orientation, physical age, weight, race, etc. (To a certain extent, none of things exist anymore.)
* “Work” is not about earning a salary (currency doesn’t exist), and is instead about surviving. These jobs can include, but aren’t limited to: farming, foraging/scavenging, hunting, and construction. People are allowed to have whatever work they choose, and are not forced to have or not have a job.
* There are no specific “laws” or “rules” written in stone anywhere to follow. Bringing discrimination into the society is the only real issue, and is solved by execution. 
* The idea of marriage is irrelevant and not upheld. 
* Physical age means nothing, therefore “children” and “adults” do not exist.
* People are either fully atheist or they believe in another “realm”. This realm is one in which everything is beautiful, peaceful, and full of love. The living things are all equal and have no true physical being; they are thought to be nothing more than joyful wisps of color. Some people claim to be able to have contact with these beings when in a state of thoughtlessness and want a question answered.
* There’s no certain way to deal with the dead. If food is very scarce, the body may be used for consumption if there are no opposing persons. If there is a fairly close large body of water, the body may be placed on a vessel, and sent out (the vessel may or may not be set on fire). Bodies may be disposed of in a coffin and buried somewhere they frequented when alive. More often than not, bodies are either never found, or are decorated with nature and left to decompose in the open, away from main settlements.
If these things resonated with you, feel free to message me. I’m hesitant to put my very few contact details on here, but here they are anyway:
* Kik: Einn.Elgr
* Email: einn.elgr@gmail.com

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  1. Gen Agustsson

    i agree with this 99% cause why should you be working in the corporate places?

  2. Kai

    maybe you should help your mum tidy the house

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