I love making and baking bread, who doesn’t enjoy eating fresh, homemade bread hot from the oven? The problem is the time it takes to make, the mixing, the kneading, the rising, the kneading again, the shaping, the rising again… it just takes too much time and attention.


About a year ago, I started seeing books and recipes for no-knead breads, it looks almost too good to be true, this method makes what is often referred to as “artisan breads”, the kind that cost a small fortune in the specialty bakeries, who knew how easy these breads were to make?

I searched YouTube and found a few videos that look very easy to follow, the great thing is they don’t require lots of work, these can be started one day and finished the next.

So far the recipes look very simple, flour, salt and yeast. I have a bread machine, but since I’m off grid (solar powered) I don’t use it. at least not at my place, my bread machine doesn’t like my inverter (it needs a pure sine wave inverter because of the digital timer), so this method is tailor made for me since it doesn’t require refrigeration or lots of power or a more expensive inverter. Watch and enjoy!

I soooo want one of those Danish Dough Whisks he uses in that one! I’ll either buy one, or have PB make one for me.

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