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Here are a few specimens of the new camping stove generation. They work in the wind, they love below-zero temperatures, weigh a few ounces and take almost no space — a must-have if you want to be ready for anything, anytime…


The MSR Pocketrocket gets good reviews. It is light and compact and can be used in all conditions. $36 from The Sports Basement

The Jetboil personal cooking system is the slickest one of all.it is a stove, pot, cup and eating bowl all in one. Its FluxRing design dramatically reduces heating time and the amount of fuel used. Get it for $8 less – $71.95 – at NorthernMountain.com

The Primus omnifuel is heavier but it can use any type of fuel: canisters, kerosene, diesel… Get it for $109 from Backcountry equipment


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  1. pdabell

    Are there any solar or renewable energy camping stoves available?