[before_listing images= youtube=null] We are beginning a community in Texas where we are building sustainable earth homes off-the-grid using solar, convection and thermal technologies to cool, heat and provide energy to the home. We are also building a community aquaponics garden to produce fish and vegetables.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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24 Responses to “New Taos, Texas Cool Homes”

  1. melvin jenkins

    I like what you all are doing, I hope I can come and visit you all soon!!!!

  2. Andrew Alvizo

    Please contact me with more info and update

  3. Amy Tate


  4. cody

    Hi, can you please contact me and provide further information. Also, it seems this post is a couple of years old, can you provide any updates? Thanks in advance. ( email: offgrid@securiflex.net )

  5. cody

    Hi, can you please contact me and provide further information. Also, it seems this post is a couple of years old, can you provide any updates? Thanks in advance.

  6. vlad

    can you please provide more info and an update. thanks my email is vagnermaxi@yahoo.com

  7. Laura

    It looks like the biotechturetraining website domain name expired on Oct 27th. How is the project progressing?

  8. L Ramirez

    N Rodriguez my family and I have been talking about this recently we are in new braunfels so pretty close to San Antonio shot me an e-mail if you would like lily.101bar@gmail.com

  9. marcia

    more info please…(marcia3445@gmail.com)

  10. N Rodriguez

    I too live in Texas and looking to live off the grid. I heard of a small community in the begining stages of being built in Luling Tx. The owner of the land is an amazingly intelligent man. Unfortunately Luling is a tad too far from my family (who dont want to relocate or share my dream). I would like to know how things are coming along on your venture. I am however looking into buying land close enough to San Antonio to commute. Anyone else in this area that share the same lifestyle?

  11. Geoffrey

    I would like to hear about your progress..Also if I could possibly fit in to your projects, as I am looking to go off-grid

  12. Solas

    Please tell me more about this! I can be reached at withthisquill@yahoo.com

  13. jeff

    please send me some info on your site project, im a full time Rv dweller who lives off grid and sustainably. id like to get involved with other people! j_haig@hotmail.com

  14. Ann

    This community has stalled as the existing homeowners put a stop to the building. The original founders have moved on to Bastrop, Tx and you can keep up with them on their website biotechturetraining.com. I am currently working with a group that has land North of Dallas, near Paris. See the meetup group https://www.meetup.com/Thrivingvillagedallas/

  15. dana

    Interested in your community. can you send me some information please.

  16. messenger

    Dear sweet people, please take some time to watch these videos and share with your loved ones, we have them in 16 languages, we speak with facts not assumptions…. trust me, your decision depend greatly on this information.
    Take lots of care, for what’s coming among us is not humane…..sad to say, but we can take precautions.


  17. Ann

    The prototype for a Sustainable Earth Home will be a 40 foot diameter domed structure set at least 4 feet into the ground with a kitchen and 1-2 baths and 0-5 bedrooms. A monolithic dome made of lightweight concrete is the roof structure for the dwelling and will peak at about 20 feet from the lowest floor. The prototype is a minimum of 1256 square feet with additional bedrooms built in a loft over the downstairs bedrooms. The dome structure will allow windows in almost any room in the home. The structure will make use of the earth’s constant 58 degree temperature, convection cooling, solar energy collection and thermally heated floors. The structure will have a rammed earth tire wall reinforced with a dirt berm on the exterior and finished with concrete on the inside of the dwelling. In most metropolitan areas, the home cannot be built within the existing codes, and in some states the building codes discourage this innovative design. However, the home is being built in many other states and in rural areas.

    The Sustainable Earth Home is capable of thriving off-grid so that no outside water or electricity is necessary. The home will be heated and cooled naturally. Electricity will be generated from solar, wind and other systems and stored in batteries. Cooking can be accomplished with wood, solar or propane. Laundry can be accomplished with machines which run off the battery systems, drying clothes in the sun and wind. TV’s, computers and other appliances can be run off of the battery systems. Hot water can be made available from solar energy. Water is used more than once providing the filtered rainwater for drinking and washing, and using grey water for toilet flushing and watering of plants and finally the black water is sent to a septic system to be returned to the ground. The construction of the home uses recycled tires and other recycled materials so the homes will be very economical to build.

    If you are interested in learning more, you can contact Mark and Morgan via their website biotechturetraining.com

  18. Ann

    We’ve leveraged a lake development that started in 1984 which never sold more than 10% of the lots, so there are many lots for sale, some will be auctioned from the county for as little as $500. So land may be independently purchased then we’ll have community builds, we will also have some community property like the aquaponics and whatever other shared facilities that we want. There is already a large park area with docks, boat ramps and clubhouse owned by the existing home owners association. September 2012 we will build our first full-size sustainable earth home which will be a hybrid of an earthship with a monolithic dome, passive solar heating and cooling, solar panels and rainwater catchment and filtering for in house water usage. The homes can cost as little as $20,000 to build since they are built from recycled materials and concrete. This is a non-profit venture which endeavors to prove sustainable technologies and educate people.

  19. Angelica

    Hi, Re: New Taos, Texas Comunity > Can you be more specific, are you selling land and homes for people who wish to live off grid. I’m very interested retired woman, no kids.

  20. Tex

    Oh that’s fantastic! Let us know when you post the pictures.

  21. Ann

    This week we will top off our first building with a lightweight concrete monolithic dome roof, part of the design of our Cool Homes!

  22. Ann

    Everyone, check out our site biotechturetraining.com. You will find information and progress on our development and can also checkout classes that we are offering as we build. You can contact the founders on this site.

  23. Eddie

    i have been looking at going of the grid , living bake in time , doing things like they did in the early 1900,s , farming ,and hunting,fishing,
    solar and wind is on my mind now and learning all i can, so how can i get with these small comminuty,s that need a man with lots of skills,

  24. Steve

    I am interested in hearing more about this. I can be reached at spolach@gmail.com