[before_listing id=394 images= youtube=null] We would like to relocate from eastcoast to NM. Looking for rural, secluded space to farm and live peacefully enjoying life.[landbuddy_listing id=394 youtube=null]

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5 Responses to “New Mexico”

  1. Rudy

    I would like to go off grid somewhere in NM. I see WW3 approaching, and economic destabilization, and from looking at the maps, it seems the mountainous areas might provide some good cover from an all out thermo-nuclear war. It would be great to team up with someone that is a sort of monk type like me, just wants to live in peace, couple of goats, and some chickens.
    Maybe someone knows where, there might be some wooded areas, near springs,etc., where one is allowed to have a cabin homestead, all year round.

    Email: romans213@gmx.com

    I am a humble follower of Yahuah

  2. stevonmfl

    look at Ute Lake NM. North side has xlnt water table and community is cozy but close to Hwy 40 (Rt 66) and Tucumcari.

  3. sid

    It is very tough to farm in NM… I grew up on a ranch there in the southern part of the state and also ran yearlings in the north. If you want to be successful at farming on a small place then the area along the Rio Grande, Pecos and possibly Gila would potentially suffice. Watershed is a major factor and as previously mentioned water table. the north central part of the state has some good areas as well for farming if you have adequate water. however, the locals can be very difficult to dal with in that region due to disagreements over the land grant areas. Good luck to you. If you want further info from me regarding the state geography or someone to discuss real estate with let me know.

  4. Ezra Behrends

    Why would you move to the desert to farm???? there are plenty of off grid locations in the mid west and north the mountains are very difficult to farm in successfully

  5. Lynn (NM Enchantment)

    Well, one thing NM has lots of is space. Buying rural land may not have a water table (or if it does it may be really deep and need extensive drilling to reach), water rights, or mineral rights. If you’re living off the grid this probably won’t be an issue, but it’s something other landbuyers have mentioned. Best of luck and welcome to NM!