Have been researching properties in the New Hampshire area, came across a property with what I think has a lot of potential…. Too much for me to go it alone. I haven’t had the chance to visit the property yet.

The property seems to have two (2) similar dwellings w/ an outhouse each. Only one (1) of the dwellings was photographed… but appears to be an uninsulated hunters cabin w/ baseboard heating and potential for wood stove.

Love to see this become reality, just don’t see me dealing with both dwellings… So, thought I’d try finding someone who would be interested in joining me in this venture.

Hope to hear from you.

Take Care.


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4 Responses to “New Friends – For potential 2 rustic cabins conversion”

  1. Daniel

    am looking for someone interested in going off grid, or someone who is currently livng that way, or even a community of off grid’ers…

    I am a 36 year old single Male
    I receive a Pension from the VA
    am Ex Military

    Please let me know if you are interested…

  2. NH Property

    Follow-Up to my original Post:

    For whatever reason, I have been getting too many request to my regular e-mail.
    Was hoping to have more contact here… so I have better tracking of the requests and who is interested and what they are bringing to the situation.

  3. Mic

    yep, yep. i am interested. of course I’d like more info, , if you can actually contact me, thru this site, that would be a miracle. i have tried to contact others, thru this site. NEVER have been able to. Maybe someone would be kind enough to clue me in, as to { how to actually, get in touch with folks, posting on this site, that would be swell.} Good luck . -Peace Mic

  4. AJ

    Hey I am in Nashua Nh and bin looking to get a land as well. Where in Nh is the property?