We are a group of Adults seeking a small number (ideally 3-6) of other Adults (with or without children) to pool resources (both financial and non-financial) to create a viable self-sufficient community in the countryside, we are currently looking at Wales, Republic of Ireland and France, as locations to establish this community (however other locations might be considered as well). We are looking to buy several acres of mixed land (Woodland, Pasture & Arable, being a minimum of 6 acres) preferably with existing buildings and planning but this is not essential. Our idea is to have a communal farm to grow all the fruit and veg the community will need, as well as raise livestock for food, We are not looking for communal living, but instead for all to have separate housing providing us all with our own personal space, (we envisage this to be approx. A quarter to a third of an acre per housing plot, this will provide more than sufficient space for up to a 3 bedroomed property with private recreational gardens). The ideal property would have running water (spring, well or stream) not exposed, or overlooked.
We hope to achieve an Off-Grid system (except for Telecoms & internet).

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3 Responses to “New Eco-Community”

  1. Craig Robinson

    Hi there I am currently looking at doing this also and would very much like to chat if you are still looking for people?

  2. Graham

    HI Mike, thanks for the interest, yes we hope to use a permaculture model for the community, we have actually decided on Sweden (need to update the advert but can’t find how too?) as our location

  3. parallexmike

    Will this be a permaculture community? Would you consider someplace tropical like Fiji or one of the islands near Hawaii?