[before_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/c86a4f02697c8b80bf2246cab8b8f626.jpg youtube=null] New Dawn Project is a small intentional community outside of Albuquerque, NM.

What we are able to offer you is a place to live, work, and grow where you can be both autonomous and cooperative. This refuge is a place where you can take your time, put in effort, express your creativity, get dirty, get frustrated, practice patience, talk, lay in the sun, learn new skills, practice your existing skills, share, dig, build, tear down, rebuild, and look into yourself. We’ve done some of this already and we want to do more.[landbuddy_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/c86a4f02697c8b80bf2246cab8b8f626.jpg youtube=null]

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20 Responses to “New Dawn Project”

  1. New Dawn Project

    Wow! Hi! Ray Powell here… Have fun reading the smears below if you like drama. Since this listing has managed to be at the top of the search engines around the project, I am forced to confront the smear campaign going on here.

    There is NO QUESTION that I am not a perfect person, and I clearly did things to make some people pretty angry. I accept responsibility for my part and I strive to be the best person I can be. All of these experiences have made me a better person only because I take this project seriously, and because I know that constant self-analysis and personal growth is an absolute requirement if you are going to attempt to live in intentional community.

    I promise you most of the egregious claims are wildly inaccurate, and while there is nothing I can do to cause you NOT to allow some of it to sink in, I choose to use it as a filter. For those of you who have ever attempted to stick your head out and lead the way and do something DIFFERENT that might just make the world a better place, I am sure you might have experienced, first hand, how your smallest flaws will be blown wildly out of proportion. If you know what I am talking about, then maybe you are someone who has the spiritual maturity to actually do what it takes to make a project like this work.

    If you relate more to the “victim” mentality of these disgruntled individuals, you probably haven’t achieved the level of maturity that is necessary to live in community yet.

    So please, if you are serious about creating community, feel free to contact me and ask me all the hard questions. I am an open book and will be fully transparent with you about everything. This is my life. This is my future. My reputation is all I have.

    I encourage you to seek the truth, and I am here to share it- in this, and in all things.

  2. Anonymous2

    The person who sent the warning message is NOT lying. THIS IS NOT AN OFF GRID COMMUNITY. When I first arrived there, there was over 600 dollars in over due electrical fees. Both the water and electric were going to be shut off. It was extremely dirty and not a inhabitable place for people to live. We lacked basic things like toilet paper, trash bags or adequate recycling access, food, water, even shelter was scares and people were not allowed to sleep in the main house. The heating and plumbing was also turned off in my short time of being there. I saw people treated very badly and not appreciated for their work. I worked countless hours on this property cleaning up trash, cigarette butts, beer bottles, random clothing that was scattered everywhere, and non of it was appreciated by Ray, who is by the way…. NOT the owner of the property. His mother is actually the owner of the property because Raymond was in the middle of a lawsuit against him for the murder trial he is facing. See for yourself and simply Google Raymond Powell. I do not know what the latest update is for it, but I do know that this is not a place to go if you want to be off grid. The only thing truly offered on this property is a place to park an RV or pitch a tent, and possibly have a cold shower every now and then when the water was running. TRAVELERS BEWARE!

  3. New Dawn Project

    There are just a small enough elements of truth in the above “disgruntled” young man’s statement to possibly make it seem plausible. However, there is nothing to hide, and nothing to be ashamed of. Creating intentional community is a tricky endeavor and finding the right people is not easy. Needless to say, the young man above was not the right person for our project.

    If you have questions or want to discuss any of the above accusations, I will make myself personally available to discuss at length.

    My reputation is all I have, and I take it seriously. I have failed on many occasions to take all possible steps to avoid creating negative situations. But they have occurred, and in the future, I will be far more cautious in how I proceed with people. Please feel free to contact us directly any time to discuss anything!


    Ray Powell

  4. Anonymous

    I would like to warn everyone of this place, a very bad experience. This place is not well kept, they are deceptive. They will get you there and no work for their so called company will be available because they have ran their name into the ground. CPS and the City of Moriarty have been called on them for health and code violations. I have 4 people that will vouche that this place is a trap and to steer clear of it, One of my contacts had been there for a year and built over half of the additions that are out there. That man was kicked out for not giving Raymond Powell %50 of his earnings for a job he was doing, I was kicked out for giving him a ride and was told that none of my work at the property was appreciated. Raymond didn’t pay the guy whom well they are using for over a year and the water was suddenly shut off and no one knew why, he made us come up with the money out of our own pockets to pay it and we had just got there. These incidents go on and on, the lights were threatened to be shut off and he refused to pay the electricity because he said we were using too many space heaters, this was in the middle of winter in below zero temperatures. He refused to get the supplies to allow us to remedy the problem, he was tight with his money and made us feel like it was our fault when he was the one that lied to us about their handyman services being operable and with plenty of work for us to make money. One reason this system failed is because Raymond or Ray as he is called, decided to make the customers pay $10 an hour to HIM for every employee on the job, this didn’t include supplies, travel expenses he charged them, and the fact we were all being paid a set hourly wage….All and all he has a very poor understanding of business and is a very deceptive person, not to mention extremely violent. Everyone there was scared of Raymond he is a VERY big guy and is awaiting trial for MURDER, he BEAT A GUY TO DEATH WITH HIS FISTS!! ON THE PROPERTY HE WANTS YOU TO COME TOO. This place is not an ecovillage, it is a sweat shop with no prospects for future growth and no future, don’t be pulled into this deceptive lie. contact me at johnseditio@gmail.com and if need be I will give you the number to a few people to call, that will verify everything I have said.

  5. shmirnoff84

    please contact me at shmirnoff84@gmail.com i am very very interested in joining you…

  6. Melissa

    Hi, very interested, please contact me :) at magiseal@gmail.com, Melissa

  7. branden street

    im interested in building a community for my self and other like minded people. im in new river az and can get over there. no car, but plenty of tools and knowledge email me with more info. street_branden@yahoo.com

  8. New Dawn Project

    New Site with lots of links: http://www.NewDawnNM.org

  9. cristie

    Hello, I am interested in more information about New Dawn. Please email me at crmod1@yahoo.com

  10. Kyrie

    I am highly interested in your community. Could you please send me detailed information regarding housing, work and even availability of internet? I’d like to homeschool my son and we would require some access to the web. Thank you!

  11. jhetcel23

    Hello I am very interested in the community! Please send me an email jhetcel23@gmail.com

  12. Dana

    Greetings! I am very interested in the community there….could you please send me more info….dhiggins1970@yahoo.com….thanks!

  13. New Dawn Project

    Cornfed- new photos posted on Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/NewDawnNM

  14. New Dawn Project

    Hello friendly people from the Off-Grid.net site!
    Thanks for your interest and inquiry.
    You are welcome to come down to our community anytime! We are here, and open to any and all visitors/guests. There are no “requirements” for coming here. No obligations on either side. First, you come, and then if it is mutually beneficial, you decide to stay or become a “permanent” member.
    Yes, we do regular evaluations of everyone here to give feedback and make sure we are all on the same page. Part of the evaluation is how you are getting along in the community, with others, and contributing. As for your contribution – if you want to stay – that depends on what you do or want to do. Day to day is different for each person. Some people do physical improvement work/handyman stuff, others do computer work for income, some do childcare, some mainly work on garden and other projects – just depends.
    The only real way to find out if this place is for you is to come. You can come with everything you have or with nothing. . . .except maybe a tent because we are short on indoor space right now. But, that can change too (like Kavya is going to build himself a little house).
    As for policies, we don’t have many, as we are all free people and New Dawn has no interest in telling anyone what to do or not do. However, we have a don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t see, don’t show policy regarding alcohol & drugs (including tobacco). Meaning, keep it private and out of the common areas. So you won’t see people lounging around smoking a bowl here. We share a common house, bathrooms, lounge areas, dining areas, garden, etc etc. but everyone has their own private sleeping house/room/tent/space.
    We are located in a semi-rural area on 2.5 acres of high-desert, pinon juniper covered land. We have neighbors, but also just about complete privacy. Our property backs up to thousands of acres of undeveloped land. We are currently fully ON-GRID, but actively working to get more and more non-grid dependent. We have a well (shared with 3 other homes) with fresh mountain water in unlimited supply (for now!). We have internet. We do have legal corporations and other structures in place to manage community operations & provide meaningful value to community partners.
    Well, that’s just a little overview, but you can call or email with more questions anytime.
    Look forward to hearing more from you.
    Peace, love, & blessings,
    Amanda, Ray, James, Larry, Kavya, Suela, Quinn, Guyver, Paige, Kyle, Liam, Kathleen & Hayden, & all the rest of the visitors and animals. . . .

  15. Cornfed

    Not much vital info at either site.. actual address, perhaps some photos of the property, some info about the existing members, is there a potable water source on site. And anything that can help paint a more clear picture of your community as it stands. Thanks

  16. Mike Ames

    I have been thinking about selling all that I own and moving to a community like what you’ve posted above for a while now. I’ve even been to this website before, but never found what I really thought I was looking for. I haven’t been here for at least six months, but the day I decide to look for a community again is the day you post this on this very website. Thank you for posting, I will most definitely look further into this journey!

  17. New Dawn Project

    Hi! Here are links to our website(s):


    Let us know what more we can tell you.

  18. Cornfed

    Greetings new dawn project, We’re vey interested in joining a community that will suit us and we’d like to know more about yours.
    Peace and light,
    Thomas & Marilyn tg2lynch@yahoo.com

  19. Sean Grim

    Very interested please contact me with details at svxrunner@yahoo.com

  20. Kristin & Sean Grim

    My fiancé and I are very interested in off the grid living. Please email us for more information: kristinnelson123@hotmail.com