We are setting up a new off grid, family orientated , non religious community in Portugal for like minded people who are unvaxed and want to escape the system. Unschooling, growing our own food, living in harmony with nature and total self sufficiency is what we are looking to achieve. We have 5 hectares of land and basic infrastructure including our own water supply and plenty of fire wood.  If you are serious about escaping the system and wish to make a new start and can drive across Europe to Portugal then this could be the place you are looking for. 

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5 Responses to “New Community”

  1. Catherine

    Hi, I am currently looking for something in Europe that is not too cold as I come from a warm island :). What you have described match what I am looking for but am not sure about the location as I would prefer north west or central west…. never been there though… just decided this upon reading posts online by off gridders who ve been living in Portugal for a while. How big do you see your community to get and do you already have the land? We are 3/4 people but we might also become 6 as we ll be meeting up this week to see if the other 2 (a couple) are ready to move overseas. The rest of us are single. What I m not sure about is what you mean by family orientated. Will it be mainly for families, with lots of kids? Also, on seeing that you want to live in harmony with nature, I take it that it will be a vegetarian communtiy, right? If that is so, than great, as we all are. Thanks.

  2. Jane

    How is it over there now? We were just about to sell up and move over but too many restrictions now 😞

  3. Gen Lovyet Agustsson

    I doubt about going off grid overseas.

    • Da Paz

      Escaping the system is advisable in any country in the world. We choose to do this in Portugal because of the great climate , pure water, amazing soil and freedom within the country to live off grid…..

      • Gen Lovyet Agustsson

        My last choice is to live in Portugal in the rural area.