I want to disappear. i have strong survival instincts and im a logical thinker. i can cook, hunt, fish, build with what nature gives me, and i have some medical experience. i have a plan, and a goal. looking for any one who has a straight head on there shoulders. contact me if this interests you. leaving by the end of december/ beginning of january. bloodygun1987@hotmail.com

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4 Responses to “New beginnings”

  1. dulcinea1972

    @yahsaves and garlandgal, if yellowstone blows, i want to be right in the middle of it because it will eventually take the whole world down. it would just be a matter of how long you want to be miserable.

  2. garlandgal

    To YAHSAVES: Anything in the N. hemisphere is going to be in trouble if Yellowstone goes off (same with nuclear war)–but I’d say that I am out of the immediate death zone should that happen. I live in N. CA in a high altitude, remote place that has been grandfathered in a national forest. The one and only road that leads to my property gets snowed in during the winter (on av. 4-6 months). I have year long springs, ample food (wild and domestic), root cellar, hydro/solar, etc etc. During the cold months I don’t see another human being outside my small family here….just forests as far as the eye can see. I live with my husband and our son (and we plan to have more).
    CA isn’t bad if you know how to do it—you give up society in order to be free—sometimes that’s a pro….sometimes that’s a con….
    No place is entirely safe…..
    If you’re intrigued feel free to email: drawsoutsidethelines@yahoo.com


    Stay away from esst coast and california or near yellowstone volacno it is now active. Looking a person to allow ke to stay ob there land abd work while i homeschool my children

  4. BobbyKorona

    Head South to East central Florida have property to test your survival skills on… Put “off grid ” in the subject line …. my email .. 32175w@gmail.com .. Bob :)