I am a 49 yr old female wanting to make a new beginning off the grid in Alaska.  

I am looking for advice on being able to find a place to live out of my tent until I find my forever spot.

thank you in advance. 

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6 Responses to “New beginning”

  1. Druemayhew

    I’m in alaska living off grid. Just north of fairbanks. Have you found a spot yet

  2. TJ

    I am in Alaska & I possibly have a spot for a tent. I lived in a my tent (moose camp setup) until I found land to buy. I understand what you’re going through. I’ll try & help. South central AK, Kenai peninsula. TJ

  3. blue

    Must it be Alaska ?
    Have off grid land just south of the border in ferndale Washington. Women working from the ground up here and looking for more ! Contact via keepmeinthelight@yahooo

  4. jferg969696


    I am a 20 y/o male looking to join a community with an exceptionally interconnected family/tribe atmosphere…aka full of love. To achieve this to its highest extent, I think it is necessary to be %100 self-sustainable and off-grid, without modern amenities like television and Internet. Are you going for the same thing?

    I think the purest form of what I am looking for is people to do something like what Christopher McCandless did in Into the Wild with (its really easy to find out about online if you’re not familiar), except being aware of the risks and how to manage them, and over a longer period of time (hopefully a lifetime). This is, in my opinion, the most likely way of achieving the purest sense of freedom that has been alluding the majority of human consciousness more and more over that last 4,000 years.



  5. parallexmike

    Here’s your chance.

  6. Scott

    There is lots of government land where you can legally camp for two weeks at a time but then need to move to another location and another 2 weeks. In reality in many areas if your camp was set up out of sight of the road and not right next to town you probably could camp for years without being told to move. Tent living in the winter in most Alaska areas would be difficult due to extremely cold weather. People do it but some don’t survive. You will need some sort of income which might require you to be close to a bigger city. There is lots of land for sale depending on what type of climate you want to live in.