My girlfriend and I (both early 30’s) are tried of the daily grind of punching a time card for someone else’s profit, everyday we seem to slip further behind in the $cycle. Have to work to pay bills, by the time bills are paid, no$ for child support..have to pay child support to stay out of trouble and have job to pay bills….((????!?!???!!)) we are good respectful and polite couple. Behaved and easy going. We are looking to get out of Michigan and see other places as she hasn’t done much traveling. She is crafty and crochets blankets and things for extra money, and I myself am not afraid of hard work or being part of a team, love to learn and try new off grid techniques. We have done gardening, and have some caning supplies as we’re learning that now.  I would love to get out of this cycle to find a happy healthier relationship with my partner, work to pay what I NEED to stay healthy and out oftrouble. And experience life. We have dependable transportation on many levels, each a vehicle(would leave 1with family) and mopeds for inexpensive or short travels, and a pop up camper ready to be set up and or modified for temporary or semi permanent placement

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2 Responses to “Needing new scenery soon”

  1. Alrod53

    Hey guys we are in Wv on 30 acres of woods and mountains. Getting ready to set up and start our aquaponic greenhouse. We are totally off grid and have room. If this interests you email us at

  2. Senorcoconut

    Hi guys, donno if this is your thing or not. We’re building now (closing on land purchase in the next coulle months) an off grid communty 90 minutes outside NYC. And we are looking for more people to join in. Check it out:

    its evolved quite a bit since the site was written, i wanna make a massive workshop (metal, wood, fabrication) for art. There’s 21 people dedicated right no, mostly from a Burning Man background.

    Hope you find what you’re looking for!