[before_listing id=429 images= youtube=null] I’m only 15 but i’m a survivalist and I wish to live off the grid by any means necessary. I can hunt, fish, forage, I am an artist and I have many talents in many different fields. I’m a hard worker and will do about anything. I need somewhere to stay, somewhere to call home, but I have no where. So please, could someone help me out here?[landbuddy_listing id=429 youtube=null]

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13 Responses to “Need some help and somewhere to go.”

  1. Tiny House Encampment

    Look up my page on Facebook, and friend request. I am working on a project in North Alabama to build a place for tiny houses (on wheels) to park and experiment with simple and off-grid living.

  2. Maky

    Im 48 and I need a change in my life. I dont wanna continue living this way. I’d like to move to a new place, where no one knows me, get to know new people, learn new things, put a little color to my life. Is there someone there who can help me and give a piece of advice. I’d appreciate it a lot.

  3. Jenny

    Hi i need to get out im a 17 year old girl in new york i need to stay in ny cause my job but im capable of taking care of myself, i have been for years. Please someone consider helping me.

  4. william Ironside

    Looking fod an off grid community

  5. carolinarys

    I also want to go off-grid. I am a 35yr old single mother of an 18yr old daughter who will be starting college this August in Arcata, CA and I also have another daughter who is 17yrs old that is on her last year of high school. As for myself, I’m currently not working but I am enrolled in an online course for my associates degree in Business management and if situation allows, I will continue with my bachelor’s degree. I have live in the city all my life but after reading, researching, scrutinizing, different aspects of today’s society, financial resources… About the harsh chemicals placed in our produce, legumes, meats…, as well as the situations that are unfolding in our beloved country. Staying in the city is no longer an option for me and my daughters. Having served in the military and passed down ethics from my hard working parents (hey, we are Mexicans what can I say ;-) lol) who gave us strong work ethics and with a good sense of humor. I can definitely help with any tasks at hand and I am easily adaptable. While in the military, I worked on electric power generators ranging from 2kw to 150kw. (I know solar is the way to go but all I’m saying is that my experience can come in handy one way or another). I can most definitely can offer my labor and the management skills I have acquired throughout my prior 20+ working years. Perhaps, at the beginning it will only be myself going off-grid as I would not want to disrupt my daughter’s last year in high school. I can be an asset to anyone’s community.
    Thank you for your precious time and God bless.

  6. Sadie

    Also wanting to learn more about off grid living.

  7. Mick

    Hi I would really love to know Faith if you get any answers and how your getting finding somewhere

  8. Faith

    Hello, Im a single mother, with a young boy of 9, Im wanting to live of grid, but have absolutely no idea were to start, I would love to be able to join other people, and learn from other’s, as to how to survive, off gird, Im in the UK, and would have trouble moving aboard because of fundings, if there is anyone out there wanting to live of grid with other’s I would love to know,

  9. Janice

    Has anyone here that posted received a response from “survivor’s” post of July 2 “I want to go off grid?

  10. shantelle

    You live close to me. I hope your ok. You seem a little young to be fending for yourself alone.

  11. Janice

    Hi, My husband and I live off grid in southern California on an 80 acre ranch. Interested? We have one son who has moved out on his own, we miss him, but ….Anything you are interested in?

  12. Noah

    I also would like to know where you are now..
    My land is in Washington..Whatcom county..

  13. Heather

    Where are you currently living at?