Like the title says, i want to learn. I’m young (20yrs) and eager to start an off grid life for myself but i know before i go off and buy land for myself i need to practice and get to know all there is about living off the grid. i don’t go to college but i do work and I’m tired of the rat race already. i want to learn how to make everything for myself, from lumber for a cabin, to the food i have for dinner every day. if there are any people that need help or want to pass on their knowledge to someone new to all of this then I’m your guy. if you need help in your garden or felling trees in your woodlot, as long as you tell me what to do and how to do it ill be the one to get it done. all I’m looking for is a place to stay that can offer me experience, so if you need help thats all you need to offer, an area i can camp/build my own non permanent structure to live out of. i can tell you now, i don’t have much experience with anything when it comes to this stuff other than extremely basic knowledge on woodworking, hydroponic gardening, solar panel systems, and hunting, and like i said my knowledge in these fields is rudimentary, however i am a very quick learner and i am very persistent. If anyone thinks they can benefit from having me around please message me here 

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