I have four acres on the top of a mountain that will become an off grid community. Need leaders and motivated people looking to join a project like this.

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52 Responses to “Need full-time mountain people for an off grid life”

  1. Bw4lker

    My name is Bryan, I’m 22 & have worked many jobs from manual labor to engineering design. I’m an extremely interested in becoming a productive member of a like-minded community. I am an intrinsically motivated, strong, and resourceful person as well as being a compassionate team member. I currently live in SE KS and would love the chance to become an integral part of your groups dream. I can send a resume if that’s your style, but truthfully I yearn for purpose and a closer connection to the earth. Thankyou for your time

    6207785287 if you have any interest

  2. Jayda

    Hello my name is jayda im 19 years old my partner and i would love to join and be appart of a off gird community, we are hard workers and want to be appart of somthing bigger than just ourselfs and esape the day to day life of society working our lives away just to barley make ends meet. If you have any more space available for 2 people and a couple cats please let me know :) thank you so much! My email is jayda.nail@gmail.com

  3. Aantazy

    Hi would like more information we are on California it’s time to leave! You will not regret!

  4. Dale Valley 1111

    My name is Dale I am 38 years young. Very Enthusiastic, loving, kindhearted, loyal, respectful, and among a variety of other attributes a very dedicated hard working man. Some qualities and skills that I can contribute to the community would be. Extensive knowledge in construction both commercial and residential. Very well rounded. Kind of a Jack of all trades in the construction field. Everything from cement finishing, HVAC, plumbing, tile & flooring, framing, and roofing among many other skills that have been so graciously taught to me through experience, trial and error.
    I’m dreaming of living a simple harmonious LIFE. Extending positivity and LOVE. Freely giving that which was so LOVEINGLY given unto me. THIS IS MY CALLING. Thank you it is a privilege just by envisioning your dream. May all your hopes, dreams, and wishes come to fruition.
    Much LOVE & LIGHT
    Dale Valley 1111

  5. KandSoffgrid

    we are a hard working couple that is looking for an opportunity to join an off grid community i have a very wide set of skills from construction maintenance repair farming cooking etc we both currently work on a farm and are not afraid of some good dirty hard work we are very serous about this and would like to join as soon as possible so please contact us with any offers or questions thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you 

  6. Kenneth

    Hey, I am 36 and homeless I don’t do drugs I just don’t know how to deal with assholes and stress but I’m a very good hard worker and welder I really need a place to go so please get back to me asap thanks kennethlawrence74@gmail.com

  7. SeekingAnAuthenticLife

    Hi I am new here and looking to learn skills related to outdoor survival and building of natural structures such as cob houses or other sustainable structures. Regardless of what the future brings, I am interested in being closer to nature.

    Plant gathering/foraging
    General resourcefulness/versatility
    Academic/massive resource for teaching children/adults and or researching anything

    My background is in a wide range of skills, but is mostly academic. However, with that being said I am extremely interested in plant gathering and foraging and have done some of this myself.

    I have a huge ability to learn and research anything, and my main practical skillsets are in communication and thinking of ways to work within existing systems so as far as I can tell there are always land rights usage issues and the need to deal with outside systems. Basically as far as I can tell regardless of your background/ideology this will be an issue.

    Basically, I would be a unique addition to any community on account of my unique skillset and background. I should mention I have camping and hiking experience, but it has been some time now and I would need to re learn this. Once I put my mind to something, I learn and absorb it extremely quickly, and I have thought many times about learning to live as naturally/inexpensively as possible.

    I am personally not aligned with any spiritual path, I am interested in seeking and learning about nature, hence the picture/image I’ve used of the green man/who looks after the forests and natural pathways. I would be interested to know the current status of your community and what your needs are as of now/the present time. Also, I am writing to confirm your landbuddy map location in Southern Colorado?


  8. Jake Towell

    My name is Jake and I am 19. This may sound corny but i spent my childhood homeless. Im used to working hard and God do i want to leave this city. I honestly have little to no skills to offer besides being a hard worker but ive been working a lot in the city getting nowhere at all and was planning to head into the wilderness anyway. I would be very happy if you could let me know if its still available.

    • Kenneth

      Hey I’m homeless and I’m 36 always been homeless I don’t do drugs I just don’t know how to deal with assholes and stress… Would you be interested in meeting and figuring this out together? 402 440 2258 text or email kennethlawrence74@gmail.com

  9. Donald Trott

    Hi I am 31years old I’m from South Alabama and grew up on a farm I have a lot I can offer I know how to frame houses remodel plum and I can weld and do Automotive work I would love to join your community I do have a dog he is two years old a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Pitbull mix very friendly

  10. brokenscarecrow

    i would love to join you plz contact me

  11. Kelli

    I am 45 and have worked as registered nurse for more than 20 years, I am looking to live off grid. I need a companion. I can cook, raise garden, clean and dress animals for meat, identify edible plants, etc.

    • Kenneth

      Hey I’m Ken im homeless, I don’t do drugs I just don’t know how to deal with assholes and stress, I’m a good hard worker and welder. If you are interested in getting to know me and if we could possibly work something out text call or email 402 440 2158 kennethlawrence74@gmail.com

  12. Rick

    Group of three (family) with tons of skill set extremely interested. Hope your still looking. Hope to hear from you soon. crippledcouple8893@gmail.com

  13. cynthia

    Hi. I’m 56 yrs.old. very int.in living off-grid. I am an excellent cook! That is what I can contribute. I can cook on a fire, an old cook stove,propane. I can cook for 2,or 200. Want to live off grid, just dont have the cash flow to do it by myself .

  14. Jaime

    Very intersested in the off grid way of life. I am good with my hands and would be able to provide a lot of support in a community. Please reach out to me with more info!!

  15. Mickiofthemountains

    Self sufficient, 51 yr, single female, with large dog. Currently living off grid in Montana. Want something more permanent. Varied skill sets, ingenuity, hard working, I have the apptitude, and attitude. For me this is a way of life, not a hobby. If you want to learn more about me, You can contact me by email…. mickiofthemountains@gmail.com
    I hope to hear from you soonish…
    Micki Moritz

  16. Jamie

    Hi. I’m sick of the rat race and need/would like to live off grid with a small community of other like minded. Please contact me. Thank you

  17. Wyatt

    Hi! I am 21, and have spent most of my life in the mountaims of west virginia, and southern Ohio. Bored and raised a hunter/Fisher/survivalist. Went to school for wildlife management and forestry, army vet, some knowledge in herbal remedies, great people person looking for a simpler lifestyle!

  18. Lauren

    Looking for a place of our own surrounded by like minded people. Looking to establish an off grid food Forrest/ homestead. Young Married couple with two kids. Husband is into blacksmithing and very experienced in all things handy/ mechanical. I am into/ experienced in permaculture , herbal medicine, organic gardening, seed saving, cooking, and training horses. We are vegan and able to grow and store enough food for ourselves with our harming/ abusing animals. Wanting to buy our own place to keep our kiddos safe and then contribute and Trade with community.

  19. Melody Pape

    I have lived off grid for 26 years raising my now two grown children.After my divorce ,I had to integrate back into modern society. I still live a life not many corporate working women live. Old ways of living! LoL I want to retire as a off grid woman. But have not found a man in Texas that understands this way of life. I’m not into Religous cults! I have many skills and still learning a few along the way. But, for the most part ,very independent and abel to deal with situations that need solutions. Primitive life I have lived it!

  20. Andrew Blackburn,

    I am am a retired very liberal Army Ranger from 75th Ranger Regiment and would be very useful in our community. I am tired of this rat race of America and want to find a welcoming group of people who need someone with carpentry, mechanical, and all around survival skills for living in an off grid community. I am self sufficient, easy going, willing to help each and everyone with whatever is needed. I love the outdoors and living off the land. I lost my family over a year ago and have been wanting to move off grid to where I feel the most free and comfortable. I’m a simple man who is willing to help our community in anyway possible. I would love to converse more in depth with someone if i would be sent an email.

  21. Darrin

    Hi. My name is Darrin. I’m 47. I would love to be a part of this. I’m looking for an off grid place I can call home. I’m an excellent gardener/farmer. I’m great with animals. I love to hunt and fish. I have remarkable bushcraft/survival skills. I have some knowledge herbal medicine. I know first aid. I think I can be a real asset. Please contact me. Thanks.

  22. Ryan

    Hello, Everyone!

    I am a Single Male.39. With a very broad scope of skills. From carpentry , landscaping, stone work, down to Hazardous Waste Operator, and even Body Removal;)…. Yeah I know, I have been all over! I love camping, Hiking , Fishing and everything that comes with it! Living “Off Grid” with like minded people who want to thrive, sounds like a Dream Come True!! I am All In! Hope to hear from someone!

  23. Jenny

    Hi there! I read your post and am very interested. I am financially secure, and kind of a female jack of all trades. My girlfriend and I are in search of an opportunity such as this.we have been searching for a few years now, for the right one. Please get in touch with me.

  24. Cheyenne

    Hello! I’ve been searching for years and am still on the hunt! I would love to be part of this. Please redirect with more information as I believe this is an ideal opportunity!

    • Dovely

      Cheyenne contact me at mystic@bohemianelegance.com we are working on a project in southern CO

    • Troy knudson

      Dear Cheyenne my name is Troy I’m in the similar boat you are I am searching but I am unable to make contact with anyone would be grateful for any information you have and would love to know if you found what you were looking for mostly I just like to hear from just about anybody I feel I’m typing my fingers into a carpal tunnel doesn’t work and getting no reply Yours Truly Troy

  25. Josh

    Hi my name is josh and my other half is lisa we are trying to find a communitie that we fit in to both have great skills me in maintaining,maintenance and building but am very versatile in alot more, lisa can cook clean gather etc… very versatile and we both learn quickly we are looking for immediate move

    • Timothy

      Might be able to help ya if I get financing on 20 acres in the Ozarks.

  26. Eric

    Hi! I am definitely interested in living off grid. I am a hard worker and KNOW how to follow directions. The society I am from used me for my SALES ability. As a kid I loved to fish and dreamed of living on an island.

  27. ChristieandRoy

    We are very serious about wanting to do this. Joining a small community would be ideal. Everyone brings something to table, so to speak.

    • Timothy

      I am working on getting 20 acres in the Ozarks as we speak. What God is telling me to do is share it with like minded people.


      • Thomas

        hello Im Thomas what would you like to accomplish my vision is to have a self sustaining community where we can welcome all of gods creatures great and small. we need not spend time with electricity and internet but building a life and indeed a future for those on gods earth whom have been stricken by humanity’s unnecessary evil. i too have had this vision and would love nothing more than to work together to bring this vision to life. but we must be on the same page. as gold told Noah i believe our goal is to insure life and that your land will be home to anyone and anything that asks for or indeed needs our help. i pray you succeed in your endeavour with or without me and may god be with you my friend .

      • Kristi

        Hi Timothy,
        I wonder how your offgrid adventure is going and wonder if you are interested in visitors with potential to join your community in future.
        I am looking forward to hearing from you.
        Many thanks, Kristi

    • David

      Did you get any info on this about living off the grid if so can you share were or who you talk to

  28. Heaven

    We are a family of 7. Also looking for off grid living area and people that can join.

    • Josh

      Hi my name is josh and my other half is lisa we are trying to find a communitie that we fit in to both have great skills me in maintaining,maintenance and building but am very versatile in alot more, lisa can cook clean gather etc… very versatile and we both learn quickly we are looking for immediate move

  29. Eric

    I’m a Canadian traveling South America, learning Spanish and volunteering to learn about everything I can about an off-grid life. I am a born outdoorsmen, tired of the rat race, and looking for a higher quality and standard of sustainable living. Please email me as I’d like to learn about raising land, off-grid power generation/ storage/ distribution, hunting/ trapping, agriculture/ permaculture, carpentry/ framing, rain water harvesting/ filtration and a host of other things. Thank you

  30. Julie

    I am looking to join. Where do i go?

  31. Nolan keith

    I have a FAIMLY of 5,ive been looking, and trying to figure out just how to live off grid for a couple years now. I live in NC as of now. I’m known as here in the south as “Jack of all trades but a master of none”.i know a little about alot of different things. I enjoy, really enjoy being in the woods, camping, hunting, fishing, I would fish for the rest of my life if I had a means of doing so. I’m not sure just what any of you folks are looking for, but I am definitely interested in maybe helping anyway I can. If whoever,and is really serious, you can email me….. Nolan7583@gmail.com

  32. Cody Evans

    i am interested. i have some building and growing experience. also not shy with animal entrails

  33. Jarin

    I’m interested. 25 army vet

  34. Eric

    Where at?