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Hello, I’m new 2 this site.  Am wanting 2 move 2 arizona.  Retired disabled usaf vet.  It’s my husband, 3 dogs & myself.  We believe in a higher power, & u can believe in whatever u want 2. Can move now.  Free thinkers

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7 Responses to “need a community in arizona”

  1. Sandy Turner

    Retired and tired of the grind. Have construction skills and experience. Really need a place I can live in concert and harmony with others. Have small dog that is my please contact me so we can see how we fit. Thank you

  2. Paula tibbs

    Can u send me picks of st. john

  3. Paula tibbs

    Can u tell me where u are so I can see what is availabe

  4. novaz

    There are properties in witch wells area of St Johns AZ quite affordable
    lots of cool nice caring people here also

  5. ptibbs

    Well read your post. We can join a senior community. I am a little disappointed in not seeing a lot of available properties. Still am excited about this adventure. Would love 2 pull resources & get an already made home. Any suggestions.

  6. Paula tibbs

    Glad 2 hear from u. Will do a little research into your request. I know people draw back when u talk about money, but as it looks we’ll need at a minimum 4,000.00 to buy the land and property.

  7. Ann Scott

    Hi, I am a single disabled army vet and would love to move to Arizona and live off grid if possible or eventually. Please let me know how the land and irrigation situation. I am currently in Florida but so not enjoying the mosquitoes and humidity. I would like a community with like minded people