I put in an extremely long post last week and couldn’t find a way to edit it to shorten it.

Short version:  Sick of the money game, sick of the superficial values in society, want to be self-sufficient, just can’t do it alone.

I have 4 acres that’s surrounded by bigger parcels.  It’s an ok spot to learn and try out some off grid technologies, but ultimately I’d like us to relocate to a better place.

I am ON THE GRID right now, so I’m using a well pump for the well, a big AC and heating unit, electric stove, etc.  There is space to create an off grid spot, but for coding purposes, the primary residence has grid power.

Once we learn what we need to learn, we can sell this place and look for something else in a prettier location.  Florida is ugly to me and I need a little change of season and I’d love to have an underground spring.

I’ll need a partner that can pitch in about $200 a month to keep us floating as we explore off grid technologies.  I do have some solar panels (4 of them at 280 watts each, but I don’t have the rest of the system.  We’d have to slowly build it up.)

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE LAND, I’m not interested in going onto your property.   I already have property.  This ad is for someone who wants a place and a partner to learn, and then as partners, we’ll then decide where we want to buy land.

If you’re interested in talking to see if we have the same vision of off grid, email me at go2monica@hotmail.com.

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3 Responses to “Need a partner”

  1. Aantazy

    Very interested please email me at

    In California and can’t be here any longer

  2. Kinsae Omega

    Hello my name is Kinsae. I go by Ki. I have decided to set out and start my journey helping and assisting as many people establish self sustainment that transcends into true thriving. I am working day and night as I have my full attention and focus towards expansion. A new way of being. working with groups in the Unites States I figured that its time to start contacting those ready to actually make some moves. I have a small group of adeptly advanced individuals. I had intentions of doing this all alone and put so many plans of execution came together that superseded space for any and everybody to be able to expand. It attracted me to those that really want and desire more. I am a visual artist, music producer, and inventor of technological use. I use my skill together for a full the full on immersion of creating tomorrow today. feel free to contact me @ omegaki@zoho.com

  3. Robert pawley

    I am looking for a group of people are person to live off the grid with an live life by putting are heads an are backs together an live as free an picefull as we can vary skilled an creative would love to build an earth bag house or community willing to put it all in for the right cause vary much would love to accomplish this dream an make it a reality !!!!!!!!! Just won’t pice an love in my life if you have the same dream let’s make it happen Tex me 2705894759