Ok, so I put in a long long ad about a week ago and there’s no way to edit it so I have to put in a second one.  Again.  Because the one I put in a couple days ago hasn’t posted.

The short story is that I’m now ON grid but I have my own property and need someone who wants to come here and partner up with me to practice and learn off grid technologies.  We’ll both kick in a little financially and we’ll work on off grid projects together.  

I need to become  totally self sufficient.  I can no longer handle the rat race and the mentality that goes with it.  I have lived off grid before so I know a little about what’s involved but I was lucky enough to have an artesan well (which means I could use a 12v pump hooked to a small solar system to get water to the camper).  One of the things we might look at is making a rain catchment system.   A lot of people use generators but I’m not interested in depending on one of those to pull water from a well because if times get tough, I don’t want to have to wait in line at a gas station for over priced gas.  There are other ways…

I’m ok with some dependence on propane, but even then, it’s good to have other things in place just in case propane becomes expensive.

I’m not focused on meat animals since they require more care and money.  Start off with growing and storing food and maybe having some chickens.  

I’m in Florida right now but later on, once we get a few skills under our belt, we can decided together if or where we want to move.  

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I’m an older female and would like someone around me age.  I don’t want to include kids at this late stage of my life.  Just looking for someone who is on the same page as me.

If you are strongly religious, we probably won’t get along.    

If you’re interested send me a note, a little about yourself and why you want to live off grid to go2monica at hotmail.

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2 Responses to “Need a partner”

  1. Seige

    Have you found anyone yet, I live off grid already, and it would be nice to have a friend ,partner to enjoy it with.

  2. MO70

    Greetings RATNOMORE…

    You posted NEED A PARTNER for a change from what could be:
    A- the rat race mentality of today’s workplace society
    B- the nosey-neighbor, agoraphobia syndrom
    C- the your-grass-is-too-high-now-cut-it-or-pay-a-fine local ordinance
    D- the does-anyone-live-today-without-depending-on-government-dole debacle

    Since you didn’t specify gender, I’m replying &, as Helen Reddy sang, ‘I Am Woman’. Been wanting for several years to relocate to acreage on which I could legally plink at cans, have some chickens, raise a beef & pork for a freezer & grow enough good tomatoes to get really sick & tired of eating them.
    Would want my place surrounded by land on which I could ride out… when I could get a horse. Figured I might have to go solar to habitate land that far out of town to meet my wants. So, briefly, that’s why I was browsing off-grid.net & found your posts. (You are persistent, as am I.)
    Best wishes,