(nearly) free hot water

Watching this video made me shiver! Picture a steaming “hot tub”, full of hot water, picture someone sitting in it, thoroughly enjoying the hot water, now picture 2 feet of snow all around. This isn’t just any hot tub, there are no pumps circulating the water, no jets, in fact it’s not much more than a round tub of water just big enough for one. So where is all this hot water coming from? Wood chips and horse manure, AKA compost.




When making compost, it generates heat, properly maintained and large enough, it can generate lots of heat, usually this heat is allowed to bleed off into the air, that is wasted potential energy, this homesteader put that heat to work. I must admit that this is a larger than usual compost pile, but I’m still impressed that they can get 140 degree F water out of this during the dead of winter. Watch and enjoy

Be sure visit Ben Falk’s website, http://www.wholesystemsdesign.com/ there are many other clever ideas to be found there, including their book The Resilient Farm and Homestead: An Innovative Permaculture and Whole Systems Design Approach.

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