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Currently I live in Busan, South Korea where I work with young people as an ESL teacher. While living abroad I have had the good fortune of having been able to save some money, and as a result I recently bought about two acres of hillside property just outside Spruce Pine, NC. I am planning on developing my off grid presence there in May of 2014. And I am posting this as an outreach invitation for folks in the Spruce Pine area and as an invitation to people who may be interested in creating a permaculture community / enclave to consider buying land near or adjacent to my property. The neighborhood there is beautifully located, secluded, inexpensive, hilly, forested land that is close enough to town to live a bicycling lifestyle. It is undeveloped accept for one built spec-home… all the other lots are empty with utility stub-outs and access roads in place. The website for the development is
See: High Elevation Mountain Land Sale
and… the following link is for the lot next to mine (It is listed there at a huge price, but please note the prices are negotiable: I got my lot for $15,000)

There are a lot of factors that play into the complexity that makes such a plan difficult to imagine from a distance, so my plans for the property have been in flux since I purchased it in January…. I have long-since lost count of the number of home plans I have drafted up, considered as feasible and then set aside until I have enough experience on the land to more thoughtfully consider what I will actually do there. It would appear that ideally I would settle-down there off of the grid in a permanent capacity, but I can’t honestly consider that as a a realistic notion until I have more experience with the land and within the Spruce Pine community. Right now it seems most prudent and inspiring to concentrate on what it is that I want to do with the land as an extension of what I am settled on doing with my life at present. And as such I have come to consider the site first off as a campsite where I will enjoy the coming summer while familiarizing myself with the property and continuing the process of identifying and fostering my life’s work. In that respect I can see that the land will facilitate my interest in slow, off grid, low environmental impact living; old world scale resourcefulness, neighborliness, nature/ hand crafts, creativity and permaculture. I am also an avowed bicyclist so whenever possible that is the day-to-day mode of transportation I will use.

Among the topics I am interested in pursuing with locals near my property are: 1) possible property caretaker / house sitter positions coming available this summer 2) storage space and/or room rental possibilities near my property 3) local CSA farm employment and or food plan arrangements for the coming summer. Also, more generally speaking, if anyone finds the ideas I have shared of any interest I would love to correspond with you or talk on Skype. My contacts are:
Skype handle: boomerjayd
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One Response to “NC PERMACAMP”

  1. Thomas Thompson

    Me and my partner have been wanting to disconnect from the everyday rat race and live a more free, and sustainable life outside the mainstream. Have you gotten settled and started growing yet? Are there others buying in your area? Just saw this was posted a while back and wondering the status of things now. I hope to hear from you.