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NBC HQ - waste of space
NBC – green as my ass!

Oh, roll out the green carpet. A pitiful slate for the Sweeps from NBC has the whole channel going greenwash for a week, adapting its leading shows to green themes for a single episode. Its actually rather symptomatic of the mainstream corporate approach to green issues. You can just imagine the execs sitting around in their air-conditioned offices, deciding that it would be really, really great to get the whole green thing out of the way in a week. Oh what fun they had before they climbed into their limos and headed down to Four Season for lunch.

Here is an outline of the tawdry ideas, lifted from TV Guide magazine:


The Office

After Ryan (B.J. Novak) excludes Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) from a corporate wilderness retreat, Michael heads into the woods for his own survival adventure with nothing but the suit on his back. Back at work, Jim (John Krasinski) tries to revolutionize the office birthday party.


After watching

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