[before_listing images= youtube=null] let me tell you something about me and my family. we Live in NY right now and want to get out, I am a mother of 8 children, grandmother of 8 natural grandchildren and 10 others that call me grandma moocow. There are 4 of us living together (my 16 year old daughter, my friend and his 10 year old autistic nephew).

We have been talking about moving off the grid for some time now but we run into a wall when it comes to obtaining land.

I myself have lived 9 months in a gp med army tent with 6 of my 8 kids (my youngest at the time was 11 days old) no electric, no running water (we hauled in water), we cooked on a weber gas grill using 100lbs propane tanks ( i even learned to bake b-day cakes on that weber), our toilet was a bucket with a seat, our bathtub was a baby wading pool so I do know how to rough it.

This is my vision: living in a community of people of the same values.

1)building homes using recycled materials as much as possible (any kind of home if permitted including but not limited to tree houses, hobbit homes, earth homes ect…), I have seen the word co housing and found it not to be what I thought it was ( my thought was everyone living in the same house, using the same bathroom, eating from the same kitchen sorry was born in the 60’s) but to my surprise it is more like duplexes, triplexes and some quadplexes this kind of co housing is not excempt from idea in community.

2)having a common house kind of like a community center for gatherings, meetings, a place to do canning of our own grown vegetables and fruits, or making homemade fruit roll-ups and granola…. yummy

3)things are voted on as a group not I am the law (which is one thing we are trying to leave behind) we will have many meetings because a community is always changing.

4)having large gardens weather they are tilled in the ground, made in raised growing beds, greenhouses or a combo of all

5)farm animals including chickens, duck, turkeys, a couple of cows, even a few horses (we need something to plow fields with if no one volunteers) these are just some, others can be discussed. Not really farm animals but dogs. if living in a community dogs will be allowed but a time schedule for the walking of dogs and the cleaning up is demanded. (I myself have 3 wonderful pitbulls, they want to be lapdogs).

6)motor vehicles can be there but we would like to use less if possible and they would not be up in the community itself…

7)because living off the grid means getting land, building houses, digging a well (or wells) raising barns/storages, putting in solar/wind/batter banks does cost it would only be fair to ask for members of the community (old members and new) to help with a community fund. kind of like paying rent but only not as high. it would never be asked of someone to pay 100% of their earnings but the amount can be decided later, the reason for this is in case you decide that this kind of living is not for you, you will have the means to find something more suited for you.

8)religion is open to all if you are one faith and someone moves into the community of the same faith then by all means hold you faith meeting at your house or out in the woods (if there are any, your faith will not be judge (unless it calls for sacrificing our animals or child)

9) schooling is up to the parents, but as for me i want my daughter out of the public schools since they are not what they use to be

looking for families as well as singles, young and old, time is put into the growing of this community, a community is not a community if you do not put into it, my vision is a barter/trade system in the community, living off what we grow or raise is my dream, having us use our talents or skills to better the place, one of the ideas is setting up at local fairs/ farmers markets from what our community has produced as a means to bring in community funds.

this is what I vision, this is something I want, but the biggest thing that stops me from getting it, is getting the land and the start building funds.

so if there is anyone out there who has the land or is willing to get the land and put it into a trust where we who move there help pay for it then please send me a message

thank you

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7 Responses to “my vision of a community off the grid”

  1. ellen

    where are you on your journey? if you are still in ny i would love to visit…i live near lockport. it would be great to chat.

  2. Brooke


    We are looking to film a documentary based on off the grid families in your area.

    Have you and your family since moved and are living off the land? I’d love the opportunity to pick your brain and talk more about the show at your earliest convenience. Essentially, we are looking for remote communities or families, that are currently living off the grid.

    Thank you,

  3. butterflymama212

    Hi, I just read your post and I must say – it seems like you just took the words out of my mouth, truly. Your vision is EXACTLY how I feel and what my family is looking for as well. We have many skills to offer and are kind of in the same boat as you with land and money, but I think working together with other people is the best way to get there. There’s lots of land available for decent price, especially when everyone’s contributing. If you’re interested, check out my profile and get in touch with me! :-)

    – Vanessa

  4. michael

    hi,u have some good points n ideas. u start by counting 26 ppl yet then state u “live” with only 3, i would assume that u are restricted in how far away u re=locate??? i havw a similar situation here in elmira,ny. goal is to stay near my son for another 5 yrs. like u land is a BIG issue. i would like to start with 5 acres n grow in those first \5 yrs to 25 or more.
    land must have several things: water source,prefer fishing,spring fed lake. streams r seasonal at times. so unless u know the area very well then u must assume it will have a “dry spell” for a mth or more. also need both clear n wooded land. wood for wildlife/hunting and firewood. u will need half or so,depending on the amount of acreage of clear land for gardens, pastures, grain,etc. how much land??? that depends on several factors. what u are goina raise? how much of your food do u intend to grow?? how many ppl?? etc etc
    my thinking is to start small ,gain experience,add some ppl along the way, and expand. or upgrade-upsize. the term “off-grid” can mean many things. most take it as u have stated= off electric n power grid. i more so take it to mean to live where u can b more self-sufficient,less depndant on the government,stores,”normal” society, as well as gasoline,big oil,etc. i think u can still have some luxuries and will have to continue to b a small part of society. my overall hope would b that a new community could take the ideals,work ethics,and environmental thinking of the indians n amish n mix it with modern technology in such a way that nature n ppl r in harmony n prosper.
    also the shock of throwing the last 50 yrs of history n electic tools would b crazy to put it mildly. it could kill too. most ppl r not ready for that big a change. but to start slow n small is much easier.
    my goal here would b to find land with well n septic. i also would like a cellar. even here we have weird storms lately. the cellar also is a good place to store veggys. over a few yrs the hand water pump,pipe from the spring,a different generator system for electric,solar panels if u prefer,can b added. as the community prospers it pays for itself n advances.my idea is to design a steam generator using wood as fuel.
    as to the community idea n how to deal with ppl,there r several ideas. ppl would help with the gardens n raising animals,etc.the purpose to having pl is they help with the overall goals of the community. i want to give 10% back to the community of production. so if we raise potatoes, hunt rabbits,raise pigs. 1 of every 10 goes back to the local community. b it food pantry,near-by farmers in exchange hopefully for hay or grain.
    next i would scale a % of the profits/sales to ppl. n then divide that by the number of ppl on site. each person has a ownership of their % based on how many yrs they have been a part of the community. say u have been here a yr or less n decide to leave,then u would have a certain amount of savings set aside. since u have desided to leave n we mnust train a new person ,your savings would b quite less than if u was here 5yrs,etc. i also realize i9n todays economics n the government owning ppl that each person might have other expenses they incurred b4 joining the community,hence the payment plan may have to have a % that is saved for them n a % that is allowed to them more immediately. like i said i have notes but yesz it is a complex system but it pays ppl,saves for them in case they leave or “we” want them to leave.aa well as the overall community’s interests r upheld.
    as to religeon: how a person worsips isnt an issue as long as it is respectful of others n causes no harm to ppl or the community. would ask that u withhold judging the other ppl of the comunity n not try to convert anyone. that might b a problem,as most religeons require u to try to convert others. its kinda hypocritical even in statement.

    the main problem i am having here is cost of land. if its cheap enuf to afford it is totally wooded. the natural gas has prices sky high. ny state isnt much better. would like to hear from others n would b willing to talk ideas,meet,n discuss the idea of a community approach. my hope is more ppl= more $$ ,more land n more help. feel free to email me bradfordsbest3@stny.rr.com

  5. Rick Psi

    Great post. We’re still working on it. Check out our blog.

  6. Leo of Vedrica

    Sounds like our model is pretty in-line with your vision – visit our site and see for yourself.

  7. dawi226

    It is my understanding that it is extremely expensive to take care of horses in a humane way. The vet bills alone are ridiculous. Sheep or goats would be much more financially viable. I would like to live in Colorado, Utah, Oregon, or California. But I don’t have much money either. : (