Finding a place to start ..  the probably a good a  place as any.

     Born in Memphis raised in Idaho  lived in Alaska from 18  to 21. The Great Outdoors is my stomping grounds & for the past 3 years all I hear is it calling for me to come home. 

     I grew up knowing exactly what work was. We had a carousel fireplace that was absolutely stunning  and as I can still hear my father’s words echoing (LOADLY) by God we had better not run out of fire wood!!  or my head woulda ended up on that chopping block!  ( our only source for heat)  . My dad was Stern and strict but he was a good man his heart was in the right place. ole fart! Lol we didn’t have cable TV and all the amenities these kids have today I grew up in the 80s I think by far it was the best era.. I’m the youngest of 10 kids and I think by the time MY FOLKS  had  me they really didn’t give a care!  So I was a bit of a wild child!  As long as I did my chores I could do what I wanted .. hell I’d come home at midnight  only to turn around and sneak back out! 

     So  you can probably guessed my age I’m 50 look 35 ,& feel 21. good Gene’s my mom was stunning until the day she died . Both parents have been gone for a long time. I’ve had two kids and I have four grandkids … I’m not feeling like grandma material. I want to wake up every morning & see mountains again! It’s my time & im not afraid to reach out to make my dreams come true . I’ve waited  an awfully long time. Happiness to me IS mountains clear rivers 4 seasons crisp morning with my best friend & love of my life across from me. &  I really  dont mind looking for prince charming, some say dont look & itll happen but what if the poor bastard got stuck in a tree!!      Just so were on the same page,  I’ll never settle again I did that once and wasted many years.  I don’t believe in instant relationships and there’s no such thing as casual. Relationships grow and believe me when I say  im not afraid of growing old  alone.. not what I want to have happen but I’d prefer that then settling anyday!! Hense I’ve been single since 2008 .

     I’m all blue jeans and t-shirts or shorts tank tops & flip flops I take comfort over style any day  but I can dress with the best . And occasionally  it is really nice to put on a sexy dress and a pair of high heels. I’ve always stayed fit and I’m a bit of a health nut. I like to stay active.. I’m A -Jill-of-all-trades! And can do anything I set my mind to  I had my own company for 16 years  and did a lot of plumbing and electrical work. When I do a job I do it right or not at all. I believe in honesty & my word means something to me.. I am the friend you’ve always wanted to have. I’m loyal and will stand up for you even when you’re wrong!! If you knocked on my door in the middle of the night and told me to grab a shovel & follow that’s exactly what I’d do!! I’ve never met a stranger  and I’m a bit of a flibbertigibbet>> there are never no awkward silences LOL I try to avoid conflict  and avoid them at all costs however  do not put me in a corner you will not like what comes out! And so long as you do not harm my children my family are my friends I say Live and Let Live but I believe also in an eye for an eye..

     I would just like to end by saying you’ll never find  a  friend / harder worker . Jill of all trades & a good cook too . Oh & i love sewing. I can do just about anything & do it well . Although finding mr right would be nice it’s not a priorty.. I want to be part “OF” again in a land that whispers my name!! I know I’d be an asset in any circumstance! 



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3 Responses to “My heads’ in Mississippi but my heart is Tahoe”

  1. jimmyz

    Hi Sherry…think sun, and plenty of it. New Mexico is the place, lots of southwest culture and the soil is
    farmable and sustainable. I am looking for someone to meld my dream of offgrid living in the South west.
    I own the property (1.5 acres with lots more available in the adjoining section of land ) however its not easy to find the right person who shares the dream. Check out the small town of Deming NM…peace out

  2. Brady

    Hi Sherry… i’m OG in west central Alberta just south of a little town called Beaverlodge in the Peace Country. Am situated beside the Wapiti river with beautiful scenery all around. Check it out:

  3. Gen Agustsson

    i understand.