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Yurts (in Russian) or Gers (the Mongolian word) have marched across the frozen steppes to capture the hearts and minds of Western Bohos. See below for details of where to buy them online.


Yurts are the typical dwellings of the nomads of Siberia, Manchuria and Mongolia. Hand made with local materials like sheep wool, horse and yak hair, they are as solid, warm and comfortable as any temporary structure you can buy — and aesthetically they’re from a different planet.

The wooden frame is set up to create a circular wall. A circular roof of wood goes on top, and the entire structure is then covered with felt sheets, which are fixed with rope. And that’s it. Yurts are hardy and built to resist harsh winds, cold and heat.

Buy yurts online:

Woodland Yurts – Paul King has written books about yurts and sells some on his website. Prices around 750. He also sells Berber tents and Sioux tipis

The Colorado Yurt Company – US website selling tents, yurts and tipis

The Mongolian Artisan’s Aid Foundation will tell you all you need to know about Mongolian Gers

Shelter Systems sell weird homes, including modern yurtsthat look more like popup tents

Neottie Nid-d’oiseau is a charity set up by a French doctor working and living in Mongolia. She’ll send your yurt straight from Mongolia, all profits go to her charity. Why not put a yurt up in your garden as a party tent?! Or at the right location, it could be the ideal summer house …

Another website about yurts (in French), how to buy them, set them up and look after them

La Cavale organises trips to Mongolia and sells Mongolian yurts. Shop here

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  1. Stephen Cordova

    In Russian it is Yurta not Yurts