Ive lived off the grid since 2009. I’m an marine with a medical discharge I’m an excellent Hunter, and Angler. I know how to garden, I know how to can food and preserve without electricity. I’m a fine woodworker like Furniture and cabinets and also a contractor that builds houses. I’m an avid shooter so I make my own bullets, and adequate with a bow. I know how to run a chainsaw and split wood by hand. I also own several saws and axes for building log cabins that I know how to use. If you have ever read the Foxfire books that’s pretty much me. I’m adequate in so many diverse subjects such as converting generators, four wheelers, cars, trucks, well mostly anything that runs off of gasoline to run off of water. And also repair anything mechanical. And my ingenuity has yet to let me down.
The only thing that I can’t seem to figure out is is money

My heart and willingness to help others is always bigger than my wallet. I’ve been trying to find a place to live in Alaska yet my finances have not allowed me to find land and move there yet

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4 Responses to “Multi-talented and seeking land in Alaska”

  1. Karen


    Would love to live there but I don’t have the skills it would take it’s a dream for my daughter and I
    Good luck!

  2. Scott L

    Email is a1shiva1956@gmail.com
    The one in my post above has an extra period because of my fat fingers.

  3. Scott L

    With Alaska you just need to come up before worrying about buying land. It’s huge and all different types of climates and terrain that takes time to explore before deciding on an area to live. April is the best time to show up as we are just getting warm enough for the snow to go away. Gives you about 5 months before it turns winter again at least in the interior.
    You can sleep in a tent or your vehicle easily saving money during this time and maybe a little longer further south.
    With a year residency you can bid on land at the yearly state auction and collect a Permanent Fund Dividend which isn’t a lot of money but helps going into winter. The state finances the property with great terms, low down payment and no credit check at least for now. The PFD could actually be enough to pay for your property over a few years.
    If you get any money monthly because of the medical discharge you can survive up here. There are areas that have no property taxes and we don’t have a income tax in Alaska but the politicians are always trying to get one.
    Not all the property the state has is easily accessed or that nice but I’ve bought 5 chunks through them and a couple more from the people who bought them from the state. Some of the lots were bought for under $500 down including all the closing costs.
    A 4×4 pickup is just about a necessity here especially if trying to live off grid.
    I have had a number of people come up to stay and help me out but kind got burned out on it after the last three. Drugs and alcohol, serious felony warrants and a few wanting a free ride.
    Email me if you want real info on Alaska instead of what those reality TV shows put out there.