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I am a 48 year old single white uk female a revert to islam striving to find and live out my dream of living of grid and a life of self sufficiency. Idealy the Scottish Highlands or Wales but lack finances to aquire land .I currently grow my own fruit .vegetables etc .keep chickens and try to live as green a life as possible.composting .recycling.pickling .canning and preserving.etc would love to go step further into keeping goats and other lifestock.I’m not afraid of hard work or winter weather.I consider myself a honest God fearing woman with good charachtor and morels firmly grounded in the faith .looking to live a more simple natural organic lifestyle away from the system eating the clean good food that God provides for us naturaly from the land.I may consider more far away countries for the right place and right person.but I am looking for a muslim man with same lifestyle.or wants to do the same thing.has to be muslim.I know it’s a long shot but nothing ventured nothing gained..we can only try and God willing my efforts will be with God. Time is passing me by I still have my health and fitness and want to live my dream while I physiclay still can.so if by some remote chance you fit my criteria and think you have the answer to my prayer please get in touch.

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3 Responses to “Mulsim woman Living the dream, God willing”

  1. markeymark

    Good luck with your search. I am not a Muslim and have only my own religion and politics and am happy with that. Off-grid is more and more popular so I am sure that you will find someone.

  2. Murts66

    I wish i could do the same but i have no money ☺

  3. yasin

    hi, i am a muslim man and i live in malaysia. i have the same idea as you are and i am looking forward to start a new life living off the grid. i would like to know more about you. if you are interested you can send me an email to yasinhamzah025@gmail.com