[before_listing id=479 images= youtube=null] I currently reside in Monterey, CA; however, I will be moving to Northern Virginia in two months (April, 2012) and was hoping someone could help me begin the process of making the transition to an off the grid home. Finding a suitable place to in Northern Virginia through the Internet seems antithetical to spirit of this journey; however, until I arrive in my new location, the most fruitful searches are through the web, connecting me to individuals who are willing to provide insight and guidance to aid my preparation.

As I drive from the shores of the Pacific to the woodlands of the Chesapeake, I would like to stop at other off the grid communities and homes to share in the experiences and knowledge that fuel the spirit and communal bond of off the grid living. I also hope to build friendships and lasting relationships with OTG individuals share with the environment and their community.

I feel as though I have lived in a haze for my a majority of my life, confined to a self-imposed prison of desiring more material needs, seeking larger salaries and defining place in society by income rather than involvement. Only recently have a felt a stirring of catharsis, to excise this philosophical and emotional malignancy. The more deeply I delve into myself, the more I realize that the step beyond acknowledging this deficiency is the will to act, to retract from the source of malcontent and break the circular of conformity perpetuated within a system that does not provide spiritual preparation for sustained growth and mental awareness.

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Any guidance to placing me on the path to a sustained OTG life is sincerely appreciated.

Thank you.

Trey [landbuddy_listing id=479 youtube=null]

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5 Responses to “Moving to Northern VA & Requesting Help Finding an OTG Home and OTG Communities During My Journey”

  1. eric

    yo i was planning to go otg my self in may deff wouldnt mind company i got 2 rifles ammo and enough wilderness training to do just fine if your serious email me id be willing to change my plans a bit bigmannohat@yahoo.com

  2. polly

    hello trey,
    i currently live in marin and can identify with what you are saying. i would like to buy you a cuppa and hear your story if you are willing to share.

  3. Raider08tmhm

    Toni and Siege,

    Thanks for the invitation to visit. I will stop by in mid-April as I journey east. I look forward to meeting you both and hearing about your life off the grid. Do you have a phone number I can call to make arrangements?


  4. Seige

    You are welcome to stop at our place. Toni and I are going off the grid. I lived off the grid with my grand parents when i was a young boy. I miss those days, so I am going back too them. We live in Alpine Ky. Come by and stay awhile and enjoy yourself. I have lived all over the U.S. and love traveling too.

    Toni and Seige.

  5. Weston

    Although not made up of strictly OTG types the D.C./Northern Va/Southern Md area has a fairly active community of individuals involved in Simple Living. You might want to start with this website http://www.simplicity-matters.org/index.php They should be able to assist you in finding like minded individuals in the area. Good luck.