I am moving to Ecuador and have money to buy land but want to split with likeminded people. People who respect Earth and every being on it, and who know they are the Earth and want to live 100% from it, away from the corrupt societal system. I Love you! Contact me 253-678-0003

I am leaving in April 2018

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4 Responses to “Moving to Farm in Ecuador! Lets Build! Live free!”

  1. suthida senachum

    HI, so me and my partner, both 20, are and have been looking into living alongside and with nature through off grid living for just over 2 years now. I spend all my time researching ideas on DIYS composting toilets, showers etc and even a biodigester! We are both young and full of hard working energy and currently reside in the UK where it is very restricting towards van life and off griders hence why I am looking to start all over and find a nice location to learn permaculture etc. My boyfriend is a laborer and carpenter. He is very skilful in the art of eco building and me? I love plant gardening and just the stillness of nature itself. I am very interested in DIYS and designs and living a simpler life. Please get in contact if this is still an offer you’d like to continue. Sending love and Abundance


  2. Alv

    Same! And if anyone sees this article later on and has another option/idea, please contact me on sabbesankharaanatta@gmail.com. I’m longing for the off grid farm life and I’m in great need of a likeminded community.
    with love

  3. Patty

    Do you have an email address to contact you?

    • Alv

      have you gotten in touch with the person yet? i just sent a text but i’m dreading it’s too late