[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am a man with three college degrees and a lot of various work experience. My expertise is in teaching.

Over time, I’ve slowly come to realize that I have no desire to participate in capitalism nor do I want to be involved with the government. I’m not angry at them — it’s just not what I believe life should be. I would rather sustain myself and contribute directly to a community. I’ve had feelings like this since I was a child.

I currently have very little, as I’ve not worked for a while now, trying to sustain myself off selling my own art, and I lost a lot of my posessions to a fire.

I’ve fallen out of shape and am looking to get back into shape. I like working, and I prefer days that I spend working hard. I don’t feel having a “day job” is much of “work” though, but rather wasting time. I want to do meaninful work that benefits myself and others directly, not work that gives me money which I feed to banks, government, and corporations in order to sustain a dull life that revolves around them.

My ultimate goal is to live a life without money, separate from capitalism, or at least a life where I can sustain myself and only supplement my life with a small amount of money. I want to live and work with the Earth to provide for myself, and I want to be around other people who value and benefit from this work, and work together in a group to help each other because we think alike.

More than anything, a vagabonding life is the most appealing… but it seems next to impossible to do without landing in jail or ending up starving to death lost in the desert. Homesteading or commune living also is very appealing to me. I just want to be able to help myself and help others.

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Sadly I am just a poor man who spends a lot of time researching, but still not knowing how to get started in this type of life. It seems like to break away from money, you first need to have a lot of money. I don’t have that. I just have a strong work ethic and a desire to change my life.

Heads up for my personality: I am laid back and like spending a lot of time alone, but have no problems being around others. I like working together to solve problems, working with children, teaching all ages, hiking, and working outside. I like to work on things that I feel are meaningful. I am a homosexual (just mentioning because I know some people are not comfortable with it, so I’d rather be up-front… though I am not the type who ever shows it off or talks about it or lets it affect my personality).

I am looking for information, encouragement, advice… or even perhaps discussion for future communities to join, or even possible vagabonding companions. I just want to start moving forward to the way of life I really feel like I want to live. And this place seems like the place to look…[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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14 Responses to “Moving away from dependence on money (when you don’t have money to buy that independence)”

  1. Kazbaz ZR

    It just feels so good to know I’m not the only one ! And I reckon there is far more of us than we think we actually would need to do something I think the off grid is a perfect start for us to get communed to realise just how many we are. I have just stuck my house on market and found a derelict farm abroad which I am also planning to be self sufficient and also help neighboring communities rather than wanting to make money of them. I’m 37 just split from partner after 7 years of lies and cheats as I found out in the end my father also just died unexpectedly in his sleep 3 months after my gran died my mum is an alcoholic and blames me for my dad dying my daughter has just unexpectedly turned her back on me so I can not see my granddaughter and just had cancerous cells cut out and there really is a lot more to add to that list. I stated getting really poorly and I have been on sick for 5 months now which 4 of them I didn’t leave my house I’m just starting to pull myself together again now I don’t get any benefits so have really struggled and just realised I really don’t need to live my life like this as its not even living and we are free to do what we need too live our life’s the way we are supposed too. Hehe wow I feel better 🤗

  2. Connor K

    My husband and i are ready to go off grid. it is just very sad to me that we have created these invisible lines and can actually own land. we can OWN land…ground, dirt, part of a planet that is floating through an entire galaxy and we have to spend a ridiculous amount of money in order to live how we want. how does our government “own” this land, when they only destroy it? if we were lucky enough to be able to live on a piece of land that was legally in our name, we would feed the earth and take care of her…why are we denied access to our mother earth, provided FOR US by God because we don’t own enough of the green colored paper that we have put so much meaning behind?

  3. gustav

    Hello everyone

    I ‘ve felt so frustrated by capitalism and money my whole life, even though I used to live lavishly.Now I ‘ve hit rock bottom and can barely make ends meet .I stumbled onto this website and am impressed to find so many people with my same views and ideas.I dont know where to start from to move away from dependence on money.I forgot to mention that I live in one of the worst places on earth where the minimum wage is about 50 bucks a month, and corruption is so widespread that 85 % of the population live in misery.This country, however, is one of the most rich countries in the world…What an Irony.Hope to get some advice from you guys.Thanks in advance…


  4. ryan

    SCARAVICH I am also interested in this. I have been a carpenter for more than 20 yrs now. I would really like for you to email me so we can brainstorm ideas. ryandye@att.net

  5. Bob

    Hello SCARAVICH,
    There is definitely more than one way to go about this; even with very little money. Out here in California you can buy a few acres in the mountains or desert for as little as $3,000.00, owner carry at around $100.00 a month. Most are near towns so you can grab supplies when and if needed. My life and choice is the desert, however if you are a rugged soul you can grab some land in the mountains where plenty of water is available, this is do to six months or more of snow pack. A person could easily build a greenhouse and grow food and can it. It just depends on how badly you want peace and liberty. I personally have an older motorhome and travel wherever there is BLM land. I have no property payments and no camping fees. I will probably continue this way for several years until I have finished my book. I may then grab a piece of desert land in Yucca Valley where I will live out the rest of my days. Good Luck to you SCARAVICH,

    Desert Hermit

  6. Tracy Lawrence

    Hey there,

    I can really relate to your post. Several yrs back when the crash occured and my financial security blanket was ripped from beneath me, my life began to change.

    I bought a small pc of land. Downsized my life. Paid off debt. Sold my home. Quit the job that just caused me unhappiness. In fact, I planned my escape from consumerism. I have been wise with what I had. I am living partially offgrid. I made only 25% of an income I was use to living on last yr. This yr I may only make 5-7, 000 $.

    I don’t pay for cable, internet. I have really watch my wants. I have a part time job that is flexible and 2-3 blocks from where I live in the woods. I went from being a buyer/mgr in the manufacturing world to caring for animals. No STRESS!!! My goal was to live on $500 a month. Ive realized that owning things you will always have to pay something. Taxes on land. Insurance on a vehicle.

    I use a sawdust composting toilet, haul water and catch rainwater. Use a transfer pump to move from barrel to camper. I helped build a 12×20 rough sawn barn w two lofts that I want to make offgrid. I have a small garden, started my first beehive this yr. If they do well I will build some topbar hives and expand. I can sell the honey , wax and bees. Last week I built an outdoor cedar shower. I will be building a chicken coop soon. Small improvements a time goes by. I buy clothes from thrifts stores too. Reuse, recycle and fix things.

    I am a single mom, 44yrs old. Being alone forces me to fix things and be more self reliant. Confidence grows with each task…replacing car battery and terminal cables, replacing water pump and inverter, building A-frame doghouse and shower. But sometimes I think it could be easier if it were not just me. I would like to be part of a group of like minded people. An interdependant community. Ive also thought about taking off and becoming homeless. I have a child, so I need roots for now.

    I hope you find others who understand your need to pull from the herd of sheeple. You have a mind of your own. Sounds like you are wanting to follow the beat of your own drum. We are all souls given the opportunity to experience life. You no longer have to be a slave to your wants and desires, society, big business……Keep seeking and you shall find. There are a lot of people going thru an awakening of sorts.

    Good luck on your journey,
    Chapin, Sc

  7. Barb Norris

    well my email is healforreal@yahoo.com
    and I am interested in going of grid

  8. Barb Norris

    I am looking for a situation to live away from the grid but I am like yourself. unemployed, but on disability. I have 4 kinds of arthritis but a brain tumor surgery really slowed me down. I love gardening, goat and chickens are the farm animals I have experience with. I was married and living on a 57 acre farm but when my money and resources were gone, my husband told me he wanted a divorce and his son owned the land so I lost every penny I sunk into that farm. In 4 years of searching for a group or community I have come up with zero groups that have openings.
    there is one lady in Arizona with 82 acres who is pegan and lesbian who is very nice and has an invitation to go visit and I did that so if there isn’t anything closer than I may go out there. She has goats and is self sustainable and has been for 6 or 7 years now.
    I am in Indiana so if anyone out there knows of anything near me, give me a hollar on here..

  9. RyanG

    I just stumbled onto this website and happened to read your post first. I can relate so well to this. I currently live in an apartment with my boyfriend who struggles the same as me but doesn’t see the real problem at hand with this current monetary system. I am ready to leave everything behind and start what I know is “real living”. I became vegetarian and now vegan due to health issues and have become so clear minded over the past year. I realized I don’t need as much as I thought I did to be happy. I want to move south where I can grow my own food and not worry about weather. I would love to have my own fruit trees some day. I love science and I have always been discouraged for every experiment or question I have attempted(starting with my father) since I was little. Only now have I started to trust my own judgement. I have been looking for land to buy but there are so many restrictions on building codes. I would love to build my own cob house someday. I currently own a 16′ box truck and I am putting my self in a position to move as soon as I graduate college this fall. If you want to chat more my email is gregordryan@gmail.com

  10. scaravich

    Hey everyone. Thanks for your responses.

    I don’t have a plan. I live day-to-day. But I’m starting to try to think of ways I can move forward toward an eventual off-grid life. I don’t know anyone who understands this or any connections of people who even really understand what I’m talking about. So I also get a lot of discouragement, and people telling me I’m crazy/stupid/etc. for feeling this way. Some people say I’m trying to run from some problem I don’t want to face… but I really have a pretty happy life, I just really have a strong distaste for money and the system we live in. I’d rather contribute to something else. I don’t like the idea of a life spent devoted to capitalism. To me, that is hardly living. I feel like there is so much more I could gain from life with another lifestyle.

    I have a couple major “roadblocks” right now: One is that I have absolutely no money. I barely scrape by. I’ve been financially “successful” before and lived somewhat lavishly, but it’s just not the life for me. It would be more comfortable than being “poor” like I am now, but honestly my happiness comes from things I don’t need money for anyway. For the most part.

    And the most important reason: I have attachment to people who think leaving the materialistic world is ridiculous and stupid and have no intention of leaving it or supporting my leaving it. One of these people is my husband.

    So, I guess my “plan” now is to gather as much as I can while I’m still ‘forced’ to live in a material world. I will continue to work and save money, to use to hopefully fund starting a self-sufficient lifestyle. And I want to continue to research methods of living off-grid and self-sufficiently. And I want to network and find other people who agree with and empathize with me, and develop this network so I’m not working alone when the time comes.

    I could be ready in a month or I could be ready in five years. I really don’t know. That’s why I’m here — to find people to help me move toward being ready.

    As for specifically vagabonding — I’ve been giving it a lot of thought (and if I ever felt I just was ready to go without money, I might just pack a bag and start walking… some days I really itch to do that lol) and I would probably head west. I have friends in California, even one who may be interested in vagabonding, and I figured I’d just head west and eventually end up there on my travels. I didn’t really want to have a specific destination or plan, though — I think that defeats the purpose. Just more… ideas and loose plans.

    Right now I’m hoping to find people to talk to who share similar views and ideas with me, to gain inspiration and direction, and build a network. I think any of the types of lifestyles I would be happy in are certainly not ones I can do alone.

  11. John Ayres

    Thank you for your honest testimonial. I’m working toward off-grid, anti-capitalist, anti-corporate, intentional community living, also. If you’d like a friend to bounce around ideas & inspiration with, please feel free to correspond with me at ayresjg3@yahoo.com

  12. Raul DJ

    Here’s my email rauldejesus2010@gmail.com let me know what your plans are and if your looking for people to join you. Thanks.

  13. Victor

    I feel most of what you feel. At the same time I also feel this marvelous curiosity for the world and science . I am in nyc and considering vagabonding as well, this world is way too big and I want to explore it.

  14. Raul DJ

    Hey, I feel the same way you do. Do you have any ideas on where your headed?