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18 Responses to “move here!”

  1. KandSoffgrid

    we are a hard working couple that is looking for an opportunity to join an off grid community i have a very wide set of skills from construction maintenance repair farming cooking etc we both currently work on a farm and are not afraid of some good dirty hard work we are very serous about this and would like to join as soon as possible so please contact us with any offers or questions thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you 

  2. JamesN

    Please shoot me an E mail if there is still available space and some info. Planning on heading out in late April. Thank you.

  3. jim inglese

    my family andi are looking at finding a way or place to go off grid I am an engineer/mechanic and have the knowledge to build anything and evertything and make it work. my wife is dead fam and my two teenage boys are as smart as me and learn so fast and hard workers. I have been looking into purchasing my own piece of land and start a small commune of like minded people. been looking at Alaska more lately only place that seems even close to real freedom which of course is unattainable on this earth plane but at any rate would hope to meet / talk to some others…

  4. wilfred butler

    It has always been my dream to live off grid to make it by the sweat of my brow however to get there takes money I have been putting in my 45 to 60 hours a week for a long time but yet the money never comes it’s always five forward ten back. I wonder is there a trick to this or does it really just come down to money because if it does then I guess the dream is lost for me. so please I implore you tell me how you did it.what am I missing?

  5. mustangrider1969

    I live in northern New Mexico. No restrictions yet! Close to town, great area. Looking for people to join my mother and I on our journey. Would love to talk about all aspects of building! We’re doing a LOT of stuff here!

  6. Rambo

    Just beginning to get in and learn here myself , looking for some trees and a not to low water index hopefully as i swing learning this . What types of acreage available at the best prices for 2 to 5 acres and looking hard for that restriction free building code places so i can get as creative as need be . Probably gonna get me a teardrop built and head out looking asap . I could possibley visit buy land and get back there later if anyone knows of great properties for growing and water worries .

  7. Ty M

    I’m looking to learn about earthbag structures & I do want to move to Colorado. Single, so I can’t do too much by myself, so I would like to find other like minded persons to become “family”

  8. redbudderflie

    Whats the story with this?

  9. glen j

    I have moved to land out of san luis, co over a year ago to homestead. I have a earth bag home that I’m putting on a roof now. It’s great. I have been looking in the area for 3 years, found a great place. I have a berm green house and chickens so far.

  10. Marshall


    I am flying out to Colorado Oct 11-14 to look for some land opportunities. I am very serious about living off-grid in a different kind of world. Currently dying a slow death in Las Vegas!!

    If anybody knows of some good cheap lot options (<$10,000) or community ideas please consider me.

  11. usmc man

    Im looking .what do you have to offer?

  12. J and H

    We are interested. could you please reply

  13. Alex

    Hey, Kim, the thing about earthbag and/or strawbale houses is that their construction techniques are basic enough for everyone to build their own, thus saving a lot of money, which can be spent on solar panels, drilling wells, etc…
    I’m competent with earthbags, but not strawbale, but I’ve read up on strawbale and it’s also owner built friendly.
    If you bring your family out West, keep some of us on this board in mind. Getting up to speed (housing, gardens, livestock, energy generation) is easier to handle in small groups, of 3 – 10. This was a bitter pill for me to swallow, given that I’ve always gone my own way, but it’s a matter of logistics.
    Keep people up to date, if you find a good area, and don’t be surprised if some people join you there, buying their own land, but lending a hand, and asking for one in return.

  14. Kim P.

    Alex-been looking into lots of areas out that way, NM being one of them! I love the idea of an earthbag house, would love to have one, saw a few in your area for sale…learning the finer arts of building an earthbag house, solar/wind energy hook up and building a greenhouse…research, research, research! Need to do something soon I think! I’m good at gardening, just know nothing about the other things yet! Thinking of advertising my services as a cook/baker and bringing my family along, keep looking for info. about new communities of like minded people opening up….everyone has something to offer, ya know? :)

  15. steve porch

    i plan to — just may take a little time. A friend will be there soon

  16. Alex

    I’ve actually looked briefly into the area. It gets cold as hell in the winter, but it’s a farming area, which means you should be able to get some great produce if you’re not a natural gardner, while you learn the art, and I’m betting you can buy goat meat & beef at very good prices also. Now looking into some of the western counties, like Delta, which have no building code, so an owner built earthbag house would be something workable in such a county. I’m in New Mexico now, which is pretty liberal with earthbuildings, but no bureaucratic bs is better than some bureaucratic bs.

  17. Kim P.

    Any more details? Didn’t really say much here…how do I know I want to pick up and take off out there with nothing????