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I will be leaving Sweden sometime before this winter, I hope.. Getting rid of my apartment and buying a motorhome. Gonna put solar panels on the roof etc so I can really be mobile.
I´m heading down to southern regions (Spain/Portugal) and hope I can make some friends along the way. The journey will be a big adventure with the goal to become more independent, live of less and eventually find a piece of land, by myself or with others. Never done anything like this before, but you gotta try right?
I´m a 31 year old guy who likes to learn new things. Quite handy and a fast learner too. Not afraid to work hard for something I believe in. I like to be out in the nature, making campfires, building shelters and feel more connected to the Earth. One of my personal idols, Cody Lundin from Dual Survival, whom has lived an aboriginal lifestyle half his life, doing it barefoot, is a huge drive for me. I also play the guitar since many years and other intruments as well. Music is an important part of my life. I´m interested in everything that Off Grid-living has to offer and I hope to find others alike :)

On the same wavelength? Write to me![landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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2 Responses to “Motorhome – Going south!”

  1. Neil Agnew

    Hi Guys,

    Interesting plan. I myself am looking into a land purchase in Portugal. I’m living in Amsterdam but am Irish.

    Mail me if serious.



  2. Albert

    Hey, my name is Albert. Seems we’re about the same age and with similiar ideas – I like your idea about the RV and would like to talk about it some more via email. I plan to settle down in a small sustainable homestead sometime this year (when I can find cheap, but good enough land, and have enough cash on hand to build a nice little earthbag home or cabin), but in the meantime think a slow RV trip from Sweden to Spain (maybe making money by “busking” – I’ve the tools and also write to perform) to be an excellent opportunity. I’ve been all round the U.S by train, bus, and car – would love to explore that region. You can email me at