I am a 40 years of age, a Lady living a sustainable and very minimalistic frugal  live without convenience and lots of self control.

With the main goal not to use money and modern technology at all and build totally independent  live just by the means of nature.

At the moment I am at 80% off it.

I live in Eastern Canada close to the border of Maine US,  in a rural forested area.

Grow my own food pick wild edibles I am also a vegetarian.

I  want to live totally of the nature as the natives used to do it, everything is provided in the nature to survive.I want to build with natural materials make under ground houses use natural materials to make clothes ,container, furniture tools and all that.I am looking for a honest guy who  would find  a live like this joy full and fulfilling to join me.In the future I would like to take it to a even bigger step and go to live totally off the land in the deep wilderness far away from any civilization.

But I like to take my time and learn more and discover different locations before going  permanently to the wilderness.

The place where if live right now is perfect to practice for the next big step.

If such a live sounds appealing to you and you would like to free your self completely e mail me and write me about your self,why and how you would see your self to live this way.

You should have No addictions of any kind ,have No crim. record and no baggage, if you are not living in Canada you should have a passport or be able to get one and be free to leave.

No dreamers please.

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3 Responses to “Money and technology-free. Live by means of Nature”

  1. tdm

    Hey JB. Your still there. Email me and let’s talk. Always enjoyed talking with you

  2. chowan

    Dagnabit why do all the women who want to try earth living or living off grid live in Canada.

    best wishes


  3. parallexmike

    just buy 20 acres and this http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/products/linden
    Be sure to purchase a seed bank, And a pair of great gains to cut the boredom and loneliness and you should be fine.
    Hopefully you can find a place that has no property tax, if you can let me know and I’ll go with you, then you won’t have to get the dogs. I’ll even pay for the land.
    Mike from New York