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If you want to participate in a small experiment and start on the road to improving your mind and body, before you read any more of this message, take a few minutes to write down a few goals you have (please tell me that you HAVE some goals! If not, it’s high time you did!), it can be a short list, but try to have at least 4 or 5 things on it, these can be personal, business or finance related, anything. Also write the time frame when you would like to achieve each goal, today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? In the next year…? Whenever…

Writing them down is important, if you choose not to write them down, and try to just remember them, the experiment may be less effective.

Now, continue reading.

A big part of survival, in any situation, has to do with your mindset, what is going through your mind? What are you thinking? Are you mentally sabotaging yourself or are you doing yourself a favor? Before you think this is sounding like new age BS, or worse, think about it, the very thoughts you are thinking, on a daily basis does have a great effect on your mind and body. Unfortunately, many of us are playing rather negative “tape loops” in our heads without even realizing it, often these are long term tape loops that you may have been playing for most of your life, for example if you find yourself exposed to someone with the flu or some other contagious malady, what are you thinking? Is it, “Wow, I’m going to get sick now…” or are you thinking, “I’m NOT going go get sick…” or “I can’t afford to get sick now…”, which one do you think will do the best and which one will do the worst for you? What if I told you that NONE of those are good thoughts? Of course you should get that the first one is the worst one, you are accepting the fact that you will get sick, the second one is just as bad, and the third one is also not good. Why you ask are 2 and 3 bad? Because they are in fact NEGATIVE, just as negative as the first one. Your brain, that wonderful organ in your head that processes each and every thought we have, and dutifully goes about making what you think into reality, in this case it computes those last 2 statements as “I’m going to get sick and “I can get sick, it hears “sick” and boom, you are very likely to get sick.

How can we change this? By simply changing the statement from a negative (not, can’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t…) into a POSITIVE statement (can, will, am…), like this: “I am healthy.” or “My immune system is strong.”, see how I removed the word “sick”, that is the power word here, replace it with what you WANT to have happen, “strong, healthy…” that is what your brain hears and computes. Instead of saying what you DON’T want, say what you DO want, use positives instead of negatives.

How do I know this works? I use it, and often, I use it in every part of my life, and it does work! Take a few minutes to review your goals that (I hope) you wrote down, how did you write it, is it in the positive or in the negative? Are these things you want to happen or things you don’t want to happen? If you wrote anything in the negative, now is the time to rewrite that same goal in the positive, for example, here is one of my goals written in the negative:

“I don’t want to be fat.” (brain hears and computes FAT)

Now written in the positive:

“I want to be thin.” (brain hears and computes THIN)

Now written in an even better form:

“I am healthy, I am fit.” (brain hears and computes HEALTHY and FIT)

Write what you WANT instead of what you DON’T WANT.

I’ll be writing more on this subject in the weeks to come, digest this for now, try to implement it in your day to day life, remember, you are what you think! Here is a mantra I wrote several years ago when I worked for Curves (a gym for women):

I am happy, I am healthy, I have everything I want.

another version goes like this:

I am happy, I am healthy, I have everything I need.

Either one works, I like to say both, I try to say it at least 10 times in a row on a daily basis, and say it out loud, verbally with your mouth! :) Does it work? Yes!


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3 Responses to “Mind Games pt 1”

  1. Wretha

    Thanks Renee, I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog and I am especially glad you enjoyed this message, I had a very good time writing this and I can’t wait to add more to this “series”. :) Keep reading, good things are coming!


  2. MeadowLark

    This was proven to me in college when I continually failed a basic math class. I hated math and constantly ran the tape “I’m no good at math. I can’t do it.”. The instructor of the class (3rd try) was a little old lady who heard me and called me aside. She said she would give me a good grade if I would stop myself EVERY SINGLE TIME I said negative stuff, and instead said “I am good at math. I love math”. I thought she was crazy, but it was worth it for a good grade.

    Aha… the little old lady was quite bright. I got a good grade, and not because she gave it to me. By changing my attitude and tape, my brain heard it and believed it and it came to be. Go figure!

    Thanks for a good memory and a good reminder. :)

    Peace out.

  3. Renee

    Hi Wretha!

    I love this post! As I grow and age, this type of thinking is guiding and helping me to stay focused with a healthy mind. My mother was a big believer in positive thinking and always preached the same to me when I was young. It wasn't until I got to my 40's, that I made this connection and then everything "clicked" in my head! Sometimes staying positive is difficult, but I try very hard to live my life with an "attitude of gratitude".

    Recently, I've been reading & listening to the writings of Dr. Wayne Dyer. He's now my mentor when it comes to life lessons! I love him!

    To quote Dr. Dyer, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change".

    Thanks for the positive post!

    An avid reader,