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3 Responses to “Military Family Preppers”

  1. Sgt Charlie & Mrs Kelley

    Dave, That sounds like it would be a blast! Unfortunately, like most people, I have to go to work everyday. I get 30 days leave (vacation time) every year, so maybe I’ll plan something like that for my family next year. Thanks for the idea and invitation. I hope you get lots of takers. Be careful and have Fun!
    Sgt Charlie

  2. Dave

    I am forming a small group to trek through the Colorado Rockies into New Mexico Rockies. The goal is to use BLM land/ National forest, to build cabins along the way that are safe and off grid. Any one that partakes in this endeavor is free to come and go as they wish. I will be leaving the End of March 2012, from Missouri to Colorado. See my post in personals.
    Thank you

  3. Peter Gilfillan

    Hi-ya. Great website & content. Just wondering if you have any contacts in Australia? i live in melbourne, OZ & would like to hook up with like minded people to see what choices we have available here in OZ.