Hello friends,

Searching for anyone with knowledge of off-grid communities or site in Michigan.  I am 58 and have years of outdoor experience. Have been a solid Prepper for 6 years now and ready to do something more substantial with my life and knowledge. Open to other areas of the United States as well. Looking forward to any and all replies



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  1. Tai

    I’m interested in off grid living in Michigan. I’m new to the idea but hoping to meet like minded individuals.

  2. Kat

    I would also love to go off grid with my husband but we don’t know how to start

  3. Jamie Perge

    I am a 52 year old fella retired from construction and cement work that is caregiver for my healthy 78 year old uncle. I have been unsuccessful in finding affordably cheaper land or group type setting to place my 38 ft trailer and contribute my abilities towards a good offgrid safe setting. With our 2 monthly incomes .We are non drinkers and non smokers. Any Ideas?

  4. Roberta Clifton

    Hi Jerry. You and I are the same age. I am going to start my place in the next couple of months. I still need to finalize the land purchase. I have one picked out that is 8 acres and is an abandoned Christmas tree farm. the trees have 30-40 years of growth since abandoned. Trees I hope to use in my structures. I want to build straw bale and cob. Have solar, rain catchment , greywater, and a walipini for my citrus etc. I have a construction degree and have studied this kind of construction for many years. Now I get to used it!!!! Let’s talk. Maybe you can share with me. Let’s face it. Some projects take two.

    • Jonathan

      Hey, I love in michigan I am interested in joining an off grid community. Please email me emailaddress198@gmail.com

      • Dori Joy Oliwek

        Hello everyone, I’m in Michigan too and looking to get off grid. I’m wondering if you all ever get together…either way…does anyone have a source for finding an earthship or earth sheltered home?