We are a monogamous couple in our 30s looking to find a off grid forever home. We are not religious, into drugs except wife has epilespy, so cannabis is medicine for that. Do not drink alcohol do no want to be part of this collapsing world. We have knowledge in botany (over 20+ years) and other various survival skills. My husband can build anything and we can grow every type of crops. Been doing no till living organic soil crops (veggies) for years. We have no family we are close to and no children, nor do we want any. We are different from most in society and can no longer take it especially as collapse comes closer daily.  We are willing to move to any where in the USA. Will work on taking care of the homestead in exchange for living area. Money does not matter to us. We do not like drugs, or open relationships/things like that. We want a peaceful place to rest are heads as we are homeless currently and sleeping on couches/floors of whoever will let us stay. We are looking for others like us who love gardening, are actually decent people who will give chances, hard working people who will do anything to achieve their goals, and no drugs (cannabis is okay, wife has epilespy and uses cannabis for medical reasons.) We also have lots of expirence with growing cannabis. Please message us if you have a off grid site and want to know more about us, we understand that you may need to vet us and we would like to do the same to you. The sooner the better.

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14 Responses to “Married couple in 30s, knows lots about gardening, seeking to leave society.”

  1. Tim and Leah

    We are off grid in Upper Michigan. Send and email and we can chat and see if we’d be a good fit. ArmourAcres@gmail.com

  2. Alexander

    Hey there. Just put money down on 18 acres in Oklahoma. Would love a hand in making it livable before the winter.
    Five 4o 5 two, 1 seven 7 seven five.

  3. Tom Rapenske

    Yes, I have the exact forever place for you, if I could only find out how to contact you. Give me directions.

  4. Thomas Rapenske

    Please contact me re a forever homestead at rapenske@yahoo.com. I cannot get through to you through this website puzzle.

  5. Tom Rapenske

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to successfully message you through this website, so can you email (rapenske@yahoo.com) me for lots of info re a situation here in KY that I’m very very sure you will want to hear about. I have carefully read and studied your post and am certain this could very well be a compatible match re a forever homestead.

  6. Abbas Abdullah

    We live in Windyville Missouri and are looking for help on the homestead. If you are interested please get in touch.

  7. Donal & jeanie

    Hi we have a large farm up on the Appalachian trail, northern Maine. Hundreds of apple trees, looking for people to live and help with farm.we are remote. Have had people come and go for years..if interested contact us to discuss. Thanks

    • Offgridgardencouple

      What is a good way to contact you?

    • joseph carney

      Hello I’m very interested in speaking with u to see maybe if u have space for myself love to come be part of ur farm been looking for a community to join be part of have no family was married for 14 years and with my ex wife 19 years raised two kids who live now on their own and I’m left alone now for last 28 months and miss having purpose and being part of something and people to grow with if at all this is still available i would love to talk with u more also I have a drivers license car and some money saved up so not looking for any free hand out or just a job looking for community or group to call family

  8. David Bange

    Well I would like to talk with you but I can not get through the matrix to leave you a message I am computer stupid they should not make it so hard to contact people so if you see this contact me please at Davesfbpage@gmail.com

  9. David Bange

    And where are you located at. how does michigan sound.

    • Offgridgardencouple

      My husband and I are located in southwest missouri. Where about in michigan are you?

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