34 year old man tired of the rat race, filthy air, fake money and phone zombies. Im looking for a reset in lifestyle. Looking to live self sustainably now days.  Currently looking for off grid property , desert , mountainous, ect.. Im one of the most independent people on earth but sure dont want to do this alone. Im looking for a woman with the same outlook to make this happen.  I promise im not some majestic looking mountain man with flowing locks or anything (for you fantasizers out there). I border between ambivert and full blown introvert. Im looking for solitude and most importantly freedom. I dont need too much, just clean air, clean water,good food and books to read and stimulating conversation mostly.  I grew up in the bible belt but grew to question alot of things, I consider myself a life long learner but dont have much schooling.  I enjoy metaphysics, astrology, writing, physics,nature,gardening, puzzles, animals, inventions,ideas,creativity, and finding how it all correlates. I can be a bit of an oddball because im in my head most of the time. I dont drink, smoke or do drugs of anykind, I know laaaammme! Hahaaaa! I thought itd be cool to reach out and see what could happen. Id like this to be as platonic as possible because that should be the foundation should any thing come of this. As far as preference im more likely to fall for your mind before i fall for your body. That might be an Aquarius thing Idk.  So if you like to learn and teach (because i like to learn let me know). We could learn from each other. This could be thrilling, adventurous, and possibly downright humbling but if your down send a message

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4 Responses to “Man,34, looking for an offgrid partner”

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  2. Colette

    I am in my 40’s, and preparing to leave my career in the city. I am happy to exit corporate American and return to a simpler more sustainable life enjoying the outdoors and like-minded humans.

  3. Dovely

    I’m not you dream girl. However I’m looking for a few people who might want to work together on a sustainable homestead. Pool labor and maybe money, though I seem to be the only one with any lately, and you could continue to search for your mate. angelinagiannamaffeo@gmail.com

  4. Sabrina

    Hi my name is Sabrina I’m 30 years old. Email me sabrinawalker771@gmail.com