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Hello, my name is Chris. I’m looking to go off grid in the next few months. I have been living a pretty simple life for a few years and don’t really have many possessions. I’m looking for off grid communities, individuals, or just any recommendations of where to look.

I’m 30 yrs old and single, educated and well traveled. I have some money saved so I’m looking to buy land or buy into a community. I’m looking for a tolerant climate. I’d prefer no cold winters if possible, but I’m also pretty interested in a few areas of Colorado. I’m a pretty easy going guy, responsible, friendly, open minded, and willing to put in the effort it takes to be more self sufficient. I dont have much hands on experience growing food, but I’m generally a DIY guy as I enjoy learning.I have common sense, am a quick learner, and am pretty capable in general. I’ve lived in communal situations and am very respectful of other people, and I can get along with anyone who means well. I’m very interested in learning more about permaculture with the intention of growing a food forest and/or experimenting with aquaponics. I like the central coast of California for its climate and proximity to mountains and ocean, but I’d be willing to hear other options. I’m really only looking out west, CO, CA, NM, AZ and maybe OR or WA. Please let me know if you are also interested, or if you have any info that would be helpful.

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7 Responses to “Making the Move Off-Grid”

  1. happyhopperfarm

    Have you found your home yet Chris? This is a few years later calling but we are a aquaponics farm in northern Cali right in the Redwoods. If your still on your journey and want to check is out let us know! Happyhopperfarm.com

  2. Daniel

    Hello, I am new to this but I would live to move off the grid and to be taught a lot about nature, I’ve lived in city my whole life and would love to leave and enjoy life and nature.

  3. lynn

    Where you decide to move, you need to check out the areas, for earthquakes, and flooding, I figure the safest place would be towards the mountains like in North Dakota. Just my opinion tho’

  4. Ashley

    Update: moving to Maine for at least six weeks, maybe out west after that. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meretemueller/tiny-a-story-about-living-small

  5. Ashley

    update: moving to maine for a some at least 6 weeks its up in the air after that.

  6. Ashley

    Hello Chris,
    I’m Ashley. Ive lived in different parts of florida my entire life of 25 years. Two years ago, I moved to a small fishing island of the coast of southwest Florida, its lovely, but I’m ready for big changes. Have many loves but animals gardening and working with children are most enjoyable. I’m an extremely hard worker and have never been fired from a position nor not held a job. Also, two years ago found a passion for gardening with a variety of plants, citrus, veggies, herbs, and more. I have a strong desire to work in the outdoors and with animals and like minded people. I went to school for early elementary education because my whole life I invisioned myself as a teacher and working around children, but I feel the need to get my self sustained and then work on my goals of teaching or possibly both. I have a wonder Boxer named Crash. I’ve been working in the food industry for about 8 years and I’m ready to close that chapter. I worked in daycare for a year and loved it except it was a corporate daycare so the pay and treatment did not equal out so financially benefited me to go back to resturants. Recently I have been working strongly on my spirituality and love it, its also made me realize I really would flourish around other like-minded people so ready to make some changes in my life as far as location. I Love the outdoors, recently started to learn how to filet the fish I catch and just started to practice archery . Looking to go fully organic way of lifestyle the sooner the better. Anyways I would love to hear from you. Goodluck on all of your endeavors. Namaste !

  7. Joe

    Off-grid Strawbale Home – 29 Acres – End of the Road – SE Kansas
    This place is on https://www.off-grid.net/classifieds