I might be called a “climate change denier”, but it would be more accurate to say that I do believe in climate change, I just don’t believe it’s caused by man. Of course I understand we can have a small, local influence, it’s quite possible (and has happened) that we can mess up things on a local scale, but I don’t believe it’s enough to cause GLOBAL changes… (ducking from the rocks I just felt fly by my head LOL).

That being said, I do believe there are cyclical changes, the earth heats up, the earth cools down, and as these things occur over long and short cycles – with or without man being on the scene, I wonder why we aren’t working toward creating technology and methods that would allow us to live in harmony and thrive in the changes that are coming? I can see the corruption of the powers that be, those who want to stay in charge no matter what, let’s kick them to the curb and work towards learning to take advantage of the coming changes so that we can continue to live and eat.

I listened to a NPR story about people in India who are doing just that, instead of trying to fight or slow down global climate change, they are focusing their efforts on changing how they farm and live to work with nature. They are experimenting with new and different crops than they have traditionally grown, they are learning what works and what doesn’t, that really excites me.

Listen to the podcast from NPR about what these ingenious people in India are doing, let me know what you think :)

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