I am coordinator for a small off grid community in its beginning stages. Our main focus: minimalist living, survival skills & spiritual re-connections. 

We seek honest, skilled people who care about others & the planet. 

We have a large portion of land to make off grid great again, away from rising coastlines.

Join us. 

You wouldn’t regret it.

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13 Responses to “Make Off Grid Great Again—- off grid community North Louisiana”

  1. Aantazy

    Hi my name is Aantazy my daughter 13 and my sister we are in California and it is time ! We are very interested and you would not regret us!
    Contact me please
    Thank you

  2. Amber Aswell

    We are Northeast Louisiana and lately over the past few years w are put some serious thought into going off grid and better protecting our family. If you would email us so we can go more into detail. Thanks!

  3. Rainman

    Would love to chat some more about the opportunity!
    #muchlove #keepshining #liveituppppppp

  4. Melinda

    How soon can I come?

  5. Jake Towell

    I know my response is a bit late but id love to be a part of this. Honestly, this sounds like a dream come true. I have little to no skills to offer other than a very hard worker. I was homeless in my childhood so I’m no stranger to adapting to my surroundings. Please let me know if it’s still a viable option. if it is I will plan a trip to get out there

  6. Spiritual-Seeker

    Hi, I’m really seeking that natural space again. I’m interested in your spiritual message and would love to join with that connection. Please contact.

  7. Kallie

    More info?

  8. shawn m mcdonald

    Hey im currently in flordia looking join a off grid community. I work is culinary arts and have grown alot of my own foods. i do a little hunting and crafting

  9. Rick

    Please email me crippledcouple8893@gmail.com we have alot
    What skill sets to help

  10. Katelyn

    Hi, I saw an ad you posted looking for people to come to your eco village! (: I am turning 19 in February, and desperately feel the urge to get away. I had a spiritual awakening 2 years ago. I am vegan, and my religion is love. I do have a thing with my foot where I can’t stand very long, but I promise my vibes make up for it. ^.^ much love

  11. cynthia

    I am int. Need more info plz.

    • Julio Fernandez

      With in a year im looking to join a community I’m 34 smart and very capable. I’m a florida man though I was born in Puerto Rico. I’ll have tools gear and my back to offer. I my way around construction im a hell of a cook and an avid hunter and reloader. No emotional baggage just know exactly what i want in life. I’m not married no kids and not to bad to look at. Everything we go through gears us for what is to come. I’m ready to work to live and be at peace.

      • Nicky balius

        Sure id done plenty bldng an lanscapeing love growing mint strawberries anythng good to eat im thnking abt how nice it must be with the right unity of people helping things along im available