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Have your circumstances changed recently? Have you realised you’re no longer tied to an office, or even a city? Has your boss agreed you can work from anywhere? Or are you contemplating a new life without a steady salary?

Millions across the country are thinking the same thing – what happens next?

Moving to a piece of land somewhere, living in a tiny home or an RV, might be the right answer. Cut your costs, enjoy clean air, end the commute, anywhere with a broadband signal. City living, mass transit, bars, clubs, offices just got old.

RENT LAND HERE is a match-making service. We help unite the global community of people who love the land, who live off the grid, or are thinking of doing so, who own land & want to share it so it’s used and enjoyed by more people.

We serve particularly those who want to earn a living from the land.

We offer a seamless environment for owners and renter to come to an agreement; we act as a clearing house for all the services needed for improving and living on the land. and a place where the community can share ideas and support each other and itself.

If you are a land owner you can go here and offer your land for rent. It might be for farming, or camping, or making art, or mending fishing nets – or living off the grid. If you own land that is up to you to settle with the people who contact you – and it depends what you want your land to be used for.

If you are a seeker after off-grid land you can go here to register and search our database.

If you just want to help, or find others to move in with, or find a more informal deal, go to our old


Landbuddy service which already has over 1000 postings from people who are looking to create new off-grid communities or offering land where communities can form.

If you just want to help, or find others to move in with, or find a more informal deal, go to our old Landbuddy page which already has 1000 postings of people who are looking for others to create a new community or offering land for communities to form

you can buy and sell land on our free classifieds here.https://

Here is a quick guide:

Explore New LandBuddy Go To Old LandBuddy

If renting is not your thing, you can buy and sell land on our free classifieds here.

Here is a quick guide:

– please check out our new Landing Page and let us know what you think of it.

You can register and offer your land for rent to like-minded folks in just a few minutes – GO HERE.

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3 Responses to “Make a fresh start – find a new life with Landbuddy 2.0”

  1. Alex

    Great idea love to learn more

  2. Brooke Pennington

    Have a family of 6. Wanting to go off grid, grow from the land, raise animals, learn herbal medicines etc

  3. Gen Agustsson

    too difficult for us to work as a slave! even sometimes difficult to find a job!