[before_listing id=434 images= youtube=null] what am i looking for.. :D ha, no, i have what i want, i’m alive after all. There are nice things though, i’ll have them, for sure. Organic orchard and garden, surrounded by forest(good for birds and protects against winds and what moves with the wind). The earth is our body, its about time we start taking care of our bodies as one. Its obvious people like the native americans had it closest, you would have had no idea they were living here. They saw this land as a gold mine, and, perfect as it was. The settlers saw the same goldmine, but, saw how they could control, change it, use it, ultimately destroy it. We are one whole, to which nothing is better or worse than anything else, we need to realize this. I like it anywhere there is a nice breeze and trees, and there is water around, thats important. ooo, and, winter is not a problem ether, the nut trees like the cold, fruit trees probably to(well, ones that grow in winter) they like the rest also. so, moving anywhere is cool. You want to help this world? start loving yourself, get there and loving others will be natural. build and connect your soul, mind, and body, and you’ll realize everything. knowledge is not learned through lectures, books, it is told within us, we can know everything if we choose to. So, building to this point here, start growing food on every inch of land you own, if you don’t own land build sub-irrigated planters, or buy them. Look into aquaponics, self sustaining food growth with fish built in. plant fruit bearing bushes. use permaculture, and grow the plants in a conducive way, use complimentary techniques, there shouldn’t be a need for crop rotation. and always use organic seeds. Life is not your enemy, even if you are not doing what you want, love the life you have. throw out the doubt in your mind and you can achieve what you need. [landbuddy_listing id=434 youtube=null]

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